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my science teacher tell us to create our own theory about the "origin of the universe" but i cant think of one

>so can u guys tell me ur own theory? stupid theories are accepted..thanks

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>science teacher

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Fuck off schizo >>>/x/

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what kind of retarded assignment is that. schoolteachers are so idiotic

string gas cosmology, pic related
sauce: https://arxiv.org/pdf/gr-qc/9806111.pdf
the classic paper: sci-hub tw/https://doi.org/10.1016/0550-3213(89)90037-0

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he's gay tho lol

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Here's a good one.

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>what kind of retarded assignment is that. schoolteachers are so idiotic

Why? It teaches the kids to come up with a theory based on what they know. They can discuss their theories in class and learn how to debunk them.

It is actually pretty smart way of teaching.

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Any and all descriptions of the origin of the universe are just a legitament as any other. The whole task of trying to argue that is asinine.

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Accept no substitutes.

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you are fucking retarded

there is a reason why The Big Bang is regarded as the origin of the Universe

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The big bang not an origin of the universe, retard. It only describes the first thing that happened in it.

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Alright here's my stupid theory. It's kind of similar to the "we are inside simulation" theory, but without the machine doing the simulation.

Let's take the Fibonacci sequence as an example. When we calculate the 235th element of the sequence did we create the result or did it already exist and we just discovered it?

Similarly if our universe is deterministic and can be simulated, then there is no need for a machine to actually compute the simulation.

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It's Gnosticism, m8

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> God
That's a stupid theory.

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tell him the big bang was like a solar flare off of a giant nuclear chain reaction that only produces higgs bosons and that the size of our universe is as small as our planet is to our sun.

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Obviously retrocausality exists. The universe caused itself.

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>but i cant think of one

Why would your science teacher expect anyone to just "invent" a new origin theory for the universe? It's been done so many times I'm sure we've reached peak origin theories. There exists no unique undiscovered theories. Anything you submit will just be a theory someone else had that you didn't know about OR something you did know about in which case you'd knowingly and willfully be doing the assignment wrong.

Unless this is some Socratic method of teaching bullshit where your expected to discuss the answer with your students and the teacher isn't allowed to tell you right or wrong, then tell your science teacher he's full of shit and philosophy doesn't belong in science.

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tell him the universe is expanding because it is nothing more than a grape on a vine that's growing.

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or maybe it's kobayashi maru?

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The 3D universe/s is/are being nested inside higher dimensional space, and that space in n+1 higher dimensional space, and so on until you reach a "plane" of infinite dimensions of space, time, and whatever comes after those dimension types. This plane of infinite dimensions is the Godhead, and is actually Heaven.

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>that space in n+1 higher dimensional space
shouldn't you also say it's also time n+1?

If this were true, then any civilization with technology able to access the 4th dimension, could also access 2 dimensional time, AKA parallel universes.

This would explain UFO sightings. It's far more likely that UFOs are humans that evolved differently in a parallel world and develop the technology to enter our universe form an alternate Earth, than it is to say extra terrestrials found our planet from among the infinite other planets in our universe.

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Big crunch created the big bang. Makes no sense but just fucking say it

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the universe has existed for infinite time until it coalesced into the big bang (rather, the big merge) by reversing entropy, from which point it will be complete. it's just that humans are FUCKING STUPID and so we experience time in the opposite direction from what's actually going on

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The universe is a multidimensional fractal that goes beyond spatial bounds. It has no beginning or end, just infinite expansion. We look back in time, and see a beginning, yet we cannot see the furthest reaches of our universe. It's literally expanding faster than the speed of light, and that's because it isn't a simple "bang" but a never-ending stream of creation.

Every where we look, we see patterns repeated, in the stars and galaxies. As more light reaches us, nothing really changes. The laws of this reality remain the same.

The origin of the universe doesn't exist, nor does it's end. Those are mere limits, only ever to be approached, but never achieved.

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It was the result of the unbound telesy (no constrains, pure freedom) as chris langan describes it, so that this unbound telesy is like "the undefined", and well it is clear that inside the unbound, all sorts of bounds might exist, and some of these bounds lead to certain programs that create things, but only some are actually embedded in a self-referential self-processing language so that it leads to consciousness, and hence the fact that we live in this specific universe, with its specific bounds (or rules) is just an anthropomorphism bias.

I discovered the same idea when I was younger while reading the Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs when it talks about lambda calculus and lambda calculus is related to bounded and free variables so I kind of made that more philosophical (as in all definitions are made of constraints and bounds, and for instance the gravity of the earth bounds us) and it turned out it was just like his idea

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forgot to link to an image

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Say it was created by God in
6 days then include some bible passages

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E.T.'s in the final death throes of their universe designed a bomb with their remaining material, and in the ultimate form of selfless sacrifice created a new universe. boom pchhhkkaaaaa

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