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What's a fun field to study and write bachelor's thesis in Physics?

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OP here.
For those who actually open my thread, please help me out.
so I studied physics for 2 years. And then I lost my spark. It just wasn't fun and interesting anymore. It was around the time I actually tried working in the field. Pic related, I worked in laboratory who would study Xray absorption spectroscopy using reverse monte carlo thingy.
The idea of doing science was fun, but sitting in front of computer 9-5 was not fun.
Anyone been in similar situation where you just lost your passion for doing science? How do I get back on track

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>It just wasn't fun and interesting anymore

all of the physics?
there must be something which still fascinates you, read around a bit, expand your boundaries, you will find what you seek.
or you can do the exact opposite, delve into the very specific and you'll find endless unsolved problems and complications.

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Sounds like you fell for the "I FUCKING LOVE SCIENCE" shit without any grasp of what science entails. Even the LHC guys are mostly just crunching numbers in front of a computer; this is not unique to spectroscopy. You got owned epic style.

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