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Why do most mathematicians end up immigrating to America? I heard it is a terrible racist shithole.

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Because no one can argue that it's the greatest country and it contains some of the greatest talent from all over the world and also holds some world class institutions but an average American is literally retarded. I would choose like a Taiwan undergraduate over American one anyday.

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>Why do most mathematicians end up immigrating to America?
They do?

>I heard it is a terrible racist shithole.
Compared to where? Cities like NYC and SF are way more welcoming than pretty much any other place on the planet except your own hometown. The racists seclude themselves to backwoods places that you will never visit.

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Yes or at least going to the US for many years for postdocs. Lots of European professors in the math department

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Because it's where the money is. Anyone with talent can easily find a job doing anything from weapons research to wall street, or both.

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Fuck off racist, poc only commit more crime because we oppressed them

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Math is useless in a country where you can't feed yourself.

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because in my country (Italy) in two years after a PhD in one of the best university in the country (Normale) I only got accepted as a middle school teacher or at Ikea

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>racist shithole
Yes people from all over the world want to come to America for the racism and oppression. Literally thousand of people every day can not even wait to do it legally, risking life and limb to get some of that glorious American oppression and racism.

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American colleges get billions in bribes from rich parents. They can then offer high salaries to professors

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>The racists seclude themselves to backwoods places that you will never visit.
That's not how it works at all. The only reason those big city's aren't filled with racists anymore is because 99% of the current population are the immigrants they actively tried to keep out.

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The US is literally just a tax haven keep that in mind if you consider moving here.

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Why do most thinly veiled "I don't consider niggers human" threads end up on sci? I heard pol is a much better racist shithole.

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