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What are the odds of this thing actually being a skull?

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I counter your proposition.

This has something that your examples do not portray.

The coloration matches skull expectation as well, not just general shape. Hence, why I provided it. The "teeth" shapes are noticeably whiter/brighter than the surrounding pieces.
I didn't pull the coloring out of my ass, that came from MSL's upload.

Those examples show shape resemblances, and not necessarily direct color matches to detailed structure points. My "pareidolia" is more defined by every example in your image, by at least one detail point.

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>My "pareidolia" is more defined *than* every example in your image, by at least one detail point.

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>monochrome image

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We can reasonably say "there is no chance it is a skull"

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0%, it's a fucking rock you dummy

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Literally 0.00%

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Extremely low based on the evidence shown.

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where the fuck do you see a skull?

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Fucking kek.

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Nigga, that thing on the right is a fucking martian rock crab, how do you not know this?

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You retard, that's clearly an English Brig, not a snail!

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Ive always felt the thing in your pic called "cave painting" was some kind of fossilized creature.

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less than 0

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>What are the odds
...about tree-fiddy.

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