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What kind of glass is used to withstand the thermal shock of glassware glassware ? Not like lids on a pot of boiling water, but the front windows of ovens / toaster ovens. What kind of glass are they ? I am more impressed by glass/ceramic stovetops , since they can have one burner on the highest setting while the other burners remain off. How does this work ?

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>glassware glassware


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I have boiled a pot of water, and water splashed out onto the hot surface of the glass stovetop yet it didn't crack. Is this due to the glass? Or was I just lucky ?

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glassware can be made into alloys like metals can, check the oven or dish manual/manufacturer if you want to know whatever specific one yours use

this is why corningware and pyrex are expensive as they are patented materials

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I just think it's nuts that ceramic/glass can withstand huge thermal shock without cracking. I feel that even If i set my stove to the highest setting, waited 20 minutes for it to heat up , and then pressed an ice cube into the middle of the glass burner it would probably not crack.

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this is so well known that op has to be willfully ignorant, what a garbage thread

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Baker irl and I've always though the same.

It probably wouldn't. You'd definitely burn your hand though.

Shut up nerd give me your lunch money or it's swirly time

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>While more resistant to thermal shock than other types of glass, borosilicate glass can still crack or shatter when subjected to rapid or uneven temperature variations.

>Allowing high maximum temperatures of typically about 500 °C (932 °F)

That isn't what i'm talking about , there are glass/ceramic stovetops that are much more impressive than that

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