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If I am the one to solve the answer to life, the universe, and everything, what does that make me? I figured it all out, the answer to the theory of everything. The answer is that everything is connected through one infinitely long, infinitesimally thin string. String theory was close, but it's not plural strings. It's just one.

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You are one of the few who can see the truth of what we are. Now the game is, how long can you keep it up without getting annihilated by the rest of us. Good luck OP.


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A huge fag. Go enjoy getting butt fucked, you deserve it

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Namaskaram Shiva, please be careful with this dimension. Not everyone can handle the thought-load I do.

We are all one, but when we awaken we set queues. Identity memories and energy in potentia, so long as you guys are compos mentis we'll be hunky dory.

Memory Dissolution//Ego Singularity Cycle Service Granted: https://www.ted.com/talks/uri_hasson_this_is_your_brain_on_communication

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Basically there is a true divine portal but only 'one' can have it at a time, but fuck me there is a lot of criteria to get there. Holding on to it even can feel like chaos memory incarnate.

>Hello. This is an IRL event.

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Yes, I am the Brute-Force record holder for Story Generation. My output, genuinely, exceeds the world's output already. The rate at which I craft is getting a tad outta control, and I don't mind but a lot of aboriginal mobs are getting a bit testy with the outcome.

Which is fair. I get I wear my past and pain suffering like a cloak, but I ain't doing this shit because I fear I'll ever choke. I'm showing you all the longest memory game I could ever think of.


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And to think, in grandpappy's day, the hardest drug was moonshine.

Whatever this OP got a hold of, must be some good stuff.

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It's just basic yogic perspective reflected onto a current modern day information set.

Relevant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTLM_AyVCbI

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Didn't you make a similar shit post on 8ch? Your dual novel prize/fields medal is already on its way. Also kys

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No Fame, No Fortune. Hard and fast rule, so, any expectation or generation of it would be stupid. We're creators, retard, why the fuck would we want or need anyone's approval beyond our own to make what we like? It's people that need to feed off the opinion of others that sicken me the most.

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>>No Fame, No Fortune
That's all OP wants for his unproven unoriginal guess based on nothing.

Not sure if you're also OP or just some tripfag that thinks everyone is always replying to them

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It's a forced perspective. I do it to myself because it is a form of attention training, think of it like reverse-engineering pavlov's dog but using myself as the sole test subject.

May my sanity be the tomb of all suffering, and let that story begin now.

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I am here to breathe life into that which feels deaths embrace, this is my ancestral skill and saving grace.

Storyman says, "Without the words coming out of your mouth and the belief that reality will match, no teaching or gift will save you. I'm here to give that confidence because it is the teaching I can transfer as it is one my own life had to give me. I translate and share because why the fuck not? We could just 'compress' human suffering into teen years for genuine and get this all out of our system and just be an evolved species."

>I proudly present my country's contribution: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YB5c9ZrDKF8

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yo but the string would get really tangled tho, like earbuds but 10x worse

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ITT: anon accidentally solves quantum entanglement.

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A photo of OP.

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a schizo

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What colour are these eyes considered? Looking it up it seems to be green, but there's all that brown in the centre so it's not pure green, but I'm not sure how common pure green is.

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I like to call them "stolen blue".

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Those eyes are hazel I believe. (usually brownish around the pupil and green on the outside)

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Going by majority, it is green. Being strict about it, they are both brown and green.

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This gave me an idea for fucking Rhiemann.

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I got it from some Hungarian schizoposter on quora..

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this is his Simple Remastered Algebraic Explanation of the Universe ,

If tl;dr what I took away from it is that I think that he thinks that our universe is actually Pi-dimensional.

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While I may agree this dimension shares some Pi-dimensional qualities, this could severely tie into current M theory models to yield actual results with simple sigma variations in providing primes.

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He is wrong, then. The dimensions of a space must be a natural number. If read a basic, introductory text on algebra, you will know that.

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Which is why I called him a schizoposter. Was still an entertaining read though and definitely some outside the box thinking helps to get yourself thinking outside the lines.

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>this dimension shares some pi-dimensional qualities
literally neck yourself

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Are you...denying the existence of pi?

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The biggest “number” is the Zero.



End of proof

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