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After we stop the global climate change, how do we reverse the effects of all the CO2 that's already been added to the atmosphere?

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once we stop emitting CO2 natural carbon sinks will slowly take care of it. It'll take several centuries but it'll happen.

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it's simple, just stop having kids and give all of your possessions to the government.... BOOM, no more CO2.

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By the time we cease emitting CO2 the Earth will have already suffered major climate change, possibly to a disastrous degree. We cannot afford to wait centuries for things to normalize.

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Ironically you'll be the first to beg for fascism to save us from the millions of starving migrants displaced by AGW.

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>climate change
not science or math

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Climate change clearly falls under science.

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more plants, lowering standards of living, pushing research into improving efficiency of pretty much everything, mandatory 1 child per couple until we lower the global population and everybody in the world can have the same standard of living.

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Anon the earth is not a closed system and one has to take into account the rest of the universe. Don't be so egotistical to think for one sec that we can have a major influence here. Planet earth has been here way before us, and will continue to be here long after.

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>Planet earth has been here way before us, and will continue to be here long after.
Be that as it may, I would prefer if our entire economy and ecosystem didn't suffer catastrophic collapse.

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I agree, I reckon that we should be good stewards of Terra.. regardless.

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>Planet earth has been here way before us, and will continue to be here long after.
I hate this fucking non-argument. It's not about saving the rock we call Earth, it's about the things that live on that rock -- and that includes us.

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this rock has fucked us before, you know, when humans lived "in harmony with nature"...theres no solid evidence for man made climate change but we do have solid evidence for natural climate change (btw even collisions from "space objects" is a natural event)

lets supose there is man-made climate manipulation, still earth WILL have his cycle of climate change because thats what it's been doing since it exist!

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>equating changes of hundreds of thousands to millions of years to changes happening under 100
Hmmm which is worse walking into a wall or crashing at 50,000 miles per hour? I've walked into a brick wall before so it'll be fine if you crash!

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>t. fucking retard

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why do most of you show cooling towers? that has nothing to do with CO2.

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unfortunately we got no clue, beside planting trees and waiting

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>another global warming hoax thread

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+5 XOM shares has been added to your stock portfolio

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At some point we will probably start mass terraforming projects.
We are already in the Anthropocene. We are masters of the future. All that is holding us back is ourselves.

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You can't stop climate change, climate change has always happened naturally and it's a bad idea to interfere with the natural process. There is no reason to reduce CO2 since it is good for food production and for plants generally.

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imagine being this retarded

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You can shoot people without being fascist mate, where does this stupid idea that if you are against immigration you are a fascst come from?

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>we we we we we we we we

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how true is this? not a /sci/ anon but i can recognise patterns well, this shit fucking scared me to my bones. fossil fuel made us and there's nothing to replace it, massive economy bubbles everywhere, wildlife declining - are we going off a fucking cliff basically?


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>Tap into natural/cheap energy sources e.g. geothermal where available.
>Use energy to sequester carbon and turn it into plastic.
>Bury plastic deep underground.

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>>>suffer catastrophic collapse.
>entire economy

Pick one, and thank the infinite growthers for making you choose

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>I've walked into a brick wall before
You don't say?

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This, all the trees will soak it up, die, then turn into coal so we can burn it all over again

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I don't think you understand how trees work

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I do, carbon is trapped in their wood. When you burn wood you are releasing that carbon back into the atmosphere. If the wood is not burned and not decayed by organisms it will eventually get buried and pressure will turn it into coal. Trees are a carbon sink, so are animals.
Hence the name fossil fuels.

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No no. There is you and there is me. No one belongs to "we".

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>not decayed by organisms it will eventually get buried and pressure will turn it into coal.
Do you know what conditions are required for that to occur? Honestly you might as well post that stupid as fuck picture about dropping eucalyptus trees in the Mariana Trench

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>effects of all the CO2 that's already been added to the atmosphere?
such as

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If the CO2 traps the suns heat in the atmosphere, wouldnt that also mean that the heat has a hard time getting in in the first place?

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Yep. The issue is that the light that doesn't have a hard time is absorbed and reradiated at a lower frequency by the earth and then it can't go back out

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CO2 absorbs heat it doesn't "trap" it...

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slowly turn it back to coal

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CO2 mainly absorbs at the infrared spectrum. most of the sun's energy is transferred into the earth as visible light. Which is remitted as infrared. Which is absorbed by CO2 (and other greenhouse gasses) which significantly slows it's radiation into space.

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no, retard
we are not

were you not so much of an ignorant underage doomer eating up whatever bullshit you see on youtube, you'd be able to learn and realize this

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UV light goes through CO2, reradiated IR doesn't.

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If we wanted to we could remove CO2 from air even to 100ppm below what we started with.

With nuclear power and mattershifts membrane.

But we can't remove the plastic and poisons from our land and bodies. We can't stop mass extinctions without stopping civilization.

CO2, is just 1, fairly small problem compared to insecticides and agriculture monoculture

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This is a great use of nuclear power imo. Any carbon sequestration scheme is basically money down the drain and nuclear is unattractive because of it's costs but we need to reduce atmospheric CO2 and nuclear isotopes just rot in the ground otherwise. Plus the reactors could help bolster renewables so that we would need less energy storage to power the grid

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oh thank god, i thought all civs in history collapsed and our time is due. phew. thanks for clearing that up for me anon

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If you cant connect the dots between "dont worry the government will use the military to shoot all the immigrants" and why that is fascist there is no hope for you.

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you're one of those retarded commies that calls absolutely everything you don't like fascism

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Well we can start to grow food inside "Factories" - where soil is recycles and used in containers so that pesticides or w/e chemicals do not pass into next crop generation - but are only used as a tool if a pest problem occurs.

But again people don't read scientific papers, agriculture conferences, check on what type of businesses were developed along the mentioned lines with accessible consumer goods and services etc.

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Some of the hallmarks of a fascist govenrment is strong centralized power, militancy, and the use of conflict as a national unifier. Now consider what the government would look like if you declared war on millions of refugees.

Do me a favour and read at least the wiki page before you discuss literally anything in the future.

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Aquaponics would probably be your best bet for indoor agriculture

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Please elaborate, I keep loosing sleep over this and I just want some peace of mind.

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>i thought all civs in history collapsed
Yes. Death is inevitable anon you have to learn to cope with that. Even you and your family all die eventually.

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