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You actually didn't get your PhD before 26?


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delete this

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>going for a PhD at all if you dont intent to be an acedemic cuck
oh no No NO

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fuck off chimp i still have time to start grad school and finish
>fucking cuck

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>tfw got my masters at 26
a-atleast my tc is 200k as a code monkey now

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Sh-shut up. My mommy says I'm smart.

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>expecting my PhD at 27 due to 5-year program
Delete this thread right FUCKING NOW or I’m calling the cops.

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do it you wont faggot

cope harder.

she says that to tyrone too.

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>t. sperg math undergrad student.

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Mom let the hyaena use her computer again.

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>starting PhD at 31
at least I don't do heroin anymore

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I knew a 42-year-old undergrad at my shitty low-ranked university who got admitted into Columbia for a PhD

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columbia SJWs fell for the ageism meme apparently

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i'm 28 and don't even know anyone or leave the house or have a job or have an income or have an education

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>gets PhD
>has no work experience
>has no usable experience in industry
>thinks he/she is the coolest shit on the face of the earth
My uni is chok full of these useless idiots, all they do is do stupid things and then bitch about it. Then the uni has to hire "consultants" from the industry to fix things.
Not that I mind, this is how I got my scholarship, being useful and actually correcting a few profs work.
In my class I was the only one who has the courage to talk back, saved my classmates asses from the usual "read this and this I don't want to teach today" attitude. In 3rd semester all I had to do was introduce myself and the teachers snapped into perfect work ethic mode :)

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good on ya

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Explain further
Or is this just a power fantasy

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>You actually didn't get your PhD before 26?
We don't have these kind of Clown degreees in Eurrope

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In my work I am kind of a demanding person, if one of my workers don't perform the bare minimum I will give voice to it. Plus first semester we had an intro to law and one of the first topics was work (and education) related law and rights.
In a summary, you are a student, you are in a work relation with your teachers bound by law (you signed your entry paper, counts as contract). As a student you have the right to study and have the best service (bold and underlined) the university can offer. If a teacher gives you less service or you feel neglected you have the right to voice your concerns and demand the correct services offered when you signed in. This also pertains to ethical behavior, so if a teacher is pissy or misbehaves in some way toward you, you have the right to complain and demand the aforementioned best of services, and an audition on the break of ethics. Basically the head of department or the dean will have a chat with the teacher to behave better. Voicing your concerns in a diplomatic and respectful manner (and being cold blooded) is required. Be chill and be aware of your rights.
This is a double edged sword, the uni is highly sensitive to any mistake on their part but because of this they are hyper sensitive for abusive complaints. If you use this to push for attention, get out of projects etc... you will get kicked in a short notice.

This kind of thing comes with real life experience, teachers rarely expect a student to know their rights. Be aware that a student being lazy and looking for excuses will be quickly overlooked, but a student pushing for a better education always gets noticed. Unethical teachers will be well aware not to fuck with a student. You also have to perform well to pull this off.

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>tfw 26 finishing masters I will be fucking 27 at graduation

>tfw TAs are finishing their phds younger than me

>tfw a TA phd student collects your exam paper and smiles at you


I didn't even fail, I graduated at 21 after a gap year. fuck you bitch

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I finished mine a few months before my 31st birthday but I did six years in the industry in the mean time.

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I dunno man, I've been conditioned by my parents to shut up, be obedient and take things the way they're offered to me. The post-commie way of life.

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Spit on your parents and make your own life decisions

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That would mean abandoning my degree.

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What is your current field of study and what is your desired field of study?

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Something CS/programming related I suppose

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If you pass your anatomy and basic level bio classes you can go over to biomechanics and specialize in programming biological and biomechanics related things. You can always connect fields and bend the whole thing in your advantage.

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i love how omega males cling to their shitty power fantasies

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I'm not a student but a graduate tho

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Even better, you pass, you fill the parental reqs and able to do what you want. Just do your desired field in postgrad

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Not sure what you just said but I'm not american

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When you graduate you can continue school in a different field or in a specialization in your graduate field. One gives you a second equal level degree, the other gives you a second higher level degree.
Just email some unis around, you are XY, graduating at Z university in field, you are looking into studying CS/programming, what are their offers and do they have an offer related to some degree to your current field.
Easy-peasy, emails are free, don't wait around for your parents to do it for you.
I am post commie as well BTW.

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>LARPing this hard
Stop shitposting and clean up those piss bottles NEET lord.

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Then start educating yourself, faggot. Are you good at anything?

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>26 years old with a PhD
"Wow I can't wait to send my resume to a bunch of places and hope I get a decent job to start my career"
>26 years old with a Bsc
"Wow I'm glad my boss gave me a pay rise to 125k!"

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>getting a PhD

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>tfw drop out with 22, be NEET for a year
>tfw when started undegrad with 23 and will finish with 27
>29 when graduating
i lost at life

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Just because you don't understand it does not mean it doesn't exist.
You do have rights, being sheeple and not standing up for yourself is your choice. I chose to stand up and voice my concerns, got away with better education, respect and extra credits.

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>graduated at 35
>have more experience in industry than my peers
>have network of contacts from work
>get job offer before graduation
>get better pay, better position and get to be the boss of new recruits who are most likely my classmates
Don't feel bad about it, mate, you have experience in life, get to network with people and you will end up with better prospects than your peers. Also it will be clear you don't give up and can stand up from the hardest of positions.
Have some faith in yourself, bro

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>Becoming an early slave in the modern slave society.

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I’m turning 20 in four months and only about to go in my second year. In the process of getting diagnosed to..

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This guy understands. Employers will pick someone with experience (regardless of field) and a degree over just a degree most of the time.

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I feel happy for you, anon.

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>tfw about to turn 26 in a couple months
>still need 8 more classes for my B.S.
How am I supposed to feel right now?
It's depressing but back when I was in high school I was practically homeless so when I think about it I feel I did the best I could with the little I had.
Should I feel shame, /sci/? Or should I be proud of where I am?

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>be me
>got drafted, 2 years
>work experience 1.5 years is basically being a cook/baker and teaching babby math to toddlers
>starting my bachelors proper only at 23 in 2021

I can only imagine getting a PhD at 26 when by then I won’t even have finished my bachelors

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>he didnt get his PhD at age 11
how's the short bus, faggot?

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>He didn't earn his PHD at your age - 1
Why do you cling on to your worthless existence

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Imagine bragging about having no life experience outside of school.

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Get an online degree, start working on programming projects, keep trying to fix your mental health.
If you get better soon you can transfer credits to a brick and mortar university and have that. Worst case scenario you’ll be hireable for a telecom programming job.

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