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Is computer engineering and/or electronical engineering good degree(s)?

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Define good degree, anon.

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I got my computer engineering degree ten years ago. It's annoying that everyone confuses it with computer science or software engineering but other than that I've had an exciting high paying career. You can work in any industry you want whenever you want. Everything has a microcontroller in it. Everybody can code these days but few have the electronics background for serious embedded work.

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computer = not so much anymore
electrical = gravy train

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hell no

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Not is. You'll never be hired anywhere if your English skills are worse than a 6th grader's.

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If you want to make bank you need to major in math.
Don't settle for a bachelors either, make sure to get a PhD in in pure math to really experience 300k starting.

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Can you post an actual school that this applies to?

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Basically this

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CE is a meme degree. You can do a computer engineer's job with a degree in electrical engineering because it's just a subfield within EE, but a computer engineer can't do your job. It's like getting a degree in aerospace engineering instead of mechanical, sounds impressive on paper but a ME has more job opportunities and can still work in the aerospace sector doing literally the same thing. Any degree that pidgeonholes your job prospects is a meme degree.

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Any school that has CS apart a math

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So why aren't you posting one?

Anon, could it be that you've been so overcome with envy that you have to lie to yourself to justify your terrible life choices?

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I know a comparison case in my country, but it's kinda iffy because it's between two universities. The big, state owned one has CE and EE more or less like it was described, while the small private one has the CS course similar to the image.
The CS course from the big one seems similar, but I'm not sure it qualifies. Some of it is ok, some of it isn't watered down but not as advanced as it could be? Such as seeing ODE's in the first year but never doing MV calculus (unless you want to). I'm pretty sure have C classes though. The small one has Java indeed.

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Not them, but these are the just the core CS courses at a uni where I live, not including any electives if you want to specialise stuff like AI or databases. They're not far off the mark. It's a for three year program, but EE at the same uni is a four year program, including a thesis year.

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By comparison, here are the EE core courses.

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Post the name of the uni so I can look at the entire course plan while getting an idea where they're getting at. Posting the electives to get a better idea would've helped.

That is fucking horrible though. What uni? Euro? If anything that makes the uni look like a shithole. The EE degree is pretty meh too like what the fuck. That just looks bad on the uni.

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>in my country
I'm starting to think the problem here is uni's outside the US. Its not the field at fault but rather there are some examples of shit tier non-american uni's who think they can get away with offering shit degrees cause the field isn't as well defined. I could even post some no name uni's in the states that are more than good enough for CS.
>while the small private one
Is it a rich kid school? Cause if so it wouldn't surprise me if the degree is easy as fuck and just meant to be an easy ride for rich kids.

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Not Euro, Aussie (UNSW).



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they are evil

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I go too UNSW too and study cs, the courses are pretty thorough and it’s widely regarded as the best cs program in the state. The electives to choose from are very good too. You can also double up with math and as a bonus avoid all the gen ed coursesz

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My uni is in the US. Pretty trash and idk to stay CE or switch to CS. Pic is ECE requirements. Clinics are a joke, I literally learned microsoft products in it.

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For comparison, CS requirements excluding electives

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I am doing CS at UTS. Should I transfer? I am 3 years into my degree.

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If you have the opportunity to get credit for a good amount of your courses then I would say it is worth it, I’ve had a look at usyd and their courses as well as a brief look at uts, and they are really not as good. But if you can’t get credit for much, you may as well stay and finish at uts. I’ve heard that their math courses aren’t great so you might not get credit for those.

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Thanks for the reply. I want to be a software developer, so I don't think most of the theory I'd learn at UNSW would be of any use for my career. Literally just need a degree in CS so recruiters don't ignore my application.

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In that case, staying at UTS is the best bet for your goals. You are right in that the level 4/6/9 theory courses at UNSW are pretty specialised and fairly disconnected from everyday programming jobs. Probably best to spend your time pursuing an internship rather than a transfer. Good luck!

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>t. Computer Engineer making 6 figs straight out of college

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What the fuck does level 3 - 9 mean?
It doesn't look that bad with electives but still kinda meh. I can't judge on whether the classes are thorough tho so maybe that makes up for it. Some electives are good but some of them like OS should really be required. Some specializations like AI look pretty good.
The EE also looks better now that I get to see some of the electives.

If that's supposed to be the best in that Aus state then for comparison this is what a no name shit tier uni in California looks like (semester school): https://www.csusm.edu/cs/degree_programs/bs_cs/graduation_requirements.html#prep-for-major
list of electives 400: https://www.csusm.edu/cs/degree_programs/courses_cs.html

Those are pretty much the minimum requirements at any other uni in the state. This is a bad uni too, off the top of my head I can name 12 state uni's (CSU and UC) better than it not to mention private ones as well.
Degrees like the CS one you posted aren't common where I'm from. The problem as far as I can see is your countries education model, not so much the field of CS itself.

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Again thanks for the reply.

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That looks like an average CE degree. It doesn't look anything impressive. It just looks good enough. It also doesn't look like something impressive compared to the average CS degree.They just teach different stuff.
That looks fine. I'm assuming its a semester school. Its nothing special but its good enough. The electives also look pretty good for the most part. The android/windows/iOS electives look pretty dumb but as long as a student avoids them or maybe just takes one class they should be good enough.

I don't get what your issue with it is.

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I mean, it is the main target school for almost all reputable companies, including big US ones.

You are right in that the core courses aren't spectacular, but most good students will pick up OS, sec, math heavy algos, etc to specialise in. The course is supposed to be more flexible than the software engineering course for example. Upon first glance that uni you mentioned might seem to be more rigorous in terms of the core courses, but the program only has 9 units (3 courses) of electives.

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Depends on the country. Here they are absolute trash tier.

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I work in power systems and rotating machines (generator design). It is really comfy

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>implying that you would suggest one that offers an elective.
Well what did you say? What kind of one are you talking about? It is my opinion that there is an emphasis on software engineering as a major, which seems to me to be the case with most of the smaller ones. In my experience some of them even offer software engineering as an elective: >You are right. So, do you suppose that there exists another set of candidates who do not have a degree in software engineering? It certainly would appear that the best students who have a degree or even have studied in other areas have a lot of experience. I am not sure that I have ever encountered a student with a master's degree in software engineering who has not taken the MGTI, MLM, etc to work on the system he or she has been studying for.

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Is power electronics THE chad elective?

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Yeah the core courses look like shit but you'd know best about the rigor so I can't really judge on it. A problem I have is that if classes like OS aren't required lazy students will skip them thus making the uni look bad as they churn out graduates who half assed their education.

The uni I posted is literally a bottom of the barrel uni in California. Its not bad just not special. I posted it to show that even the bottom uni's in CA have a rigorous requirement for CS majors. The electives are lacking because again its a bottom of the barrel school which focuses more on liberal arts. Also its a semester not a quarter school so 3 electives amounts to 3/4's or 3/5's of a typical semester I think. Which is still nothing special just not as bad as it might seem. I could post other uni's which aren't top tier like Berkeley but still have an equal if not greater rigor to the one I posted with far more electives.

The point is a CSUSM student wouldn't be able to half ass their education like someone from UNSW. Not to say CSUSM is better, it isn't, but at least they force their students to get a decent enough education with enough rigor.

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Just teach yourself

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The SE course is less flexible and more catered towards the industry side of things while the CS degree is more flexible and (usually) taken with more theory courses. Idk if that cleared anything up for you.

Yeah I agree, and there are a few brainlet students that graduate with few or none of the higher level courses. I guess why many people still take the classes despite them being optional is that the school is the main goto for the top high schools in the state, usually bringing in the students that give a shit about their education. But yes you are right in that there could be more of the electives turned into core courses.

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