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What does /sci/ eat?

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>he eats maritime mercury
you're clearly not a /sci/entist

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For breakfast, lunch, and dinner

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Eating ass is so beta

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This she should be eating your ass c'mon now anon

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i told my gf this as she was sucking my cock and she was surprised and considered it. She said I would have to shave my ass first, however. It's like a jungle down there

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You are wrong. You will probably never experience this, but when a woman feels true lust for you, something like eating her ass will seem like a waste of time because she wants your cock so badly in her mouth, in her ass, in her pussy. If you even tried to make her wait by eating her ass she would scream asking for cock.

Eating ass is for betas to have something to offer given that what they have is disappointing.

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When I am at home I usually make some [math]x \in Powerset(C)[/math]

C = {
Frozen vegetables
, Tomatos
, Muesli
, Chicken
, Milk/Cheese/Yoghurt/Ice cream
, Olive oil
, Cocoa powder
, Peanuts
, Spices
, Almonds
, Sunflower seeds
, Bananas
, Garlic
, Apples
, Coconut flesh
, Berries
, Eggs
, Tuna
, Pollock
, Green/white/black tea
, Coffee
, Peppermint tea
, Frozen pizza
, Cous cous

Sometimes I buy some food out, usually something processed crap. Also, sometimes eat candy and potato chips.

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Forgot beans

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Yet it's all I'm into

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Well, it just means you are beta and have a tiny dick. Wear it with pride.

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That's right

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It makes me more creative

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Tonight I had blowfish tails almondine, duck frites, and parisian gnocchi

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Is... is that a whole chicken in a can?

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It's tuna

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pic related
Im an engineer btw

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bran and pea juice for breakfast

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not eating ass is beta

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Strict vegan for three years.
Grow most of my own veg, only buy from veg and fruit markets. Don't buy anything in plastic.

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Are you american or under 18 years old?

Mostly stews. Easy to keep in fridge/freezer and reheat while i cook rise or boil pasta. Cheap, fast, tasty, low amounts of dishes and I can eat it from a bowl.

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Jimmy joy plennyshakes

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Eurofag here. Tried that for a while, but was too expensive to import it for me. My country is not in EU. How are you feeling? Is that kind of stuff actually healthy?

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Feels fine, indistinguishable from regular food in terms of nutrition. I work out and run too, so I just eat more of it. It is only 11 dollars a day for me in the US, and I buy in bulk so shipping is free.

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Eating ass is homosexual. An attraction to shit and the taste of shit is a mentally ill perversion like homosexuality.
Cunnilingus is beta. The Romans held it to be the lowest of lows because it made man subservient to woman. We all know the real reason. They cannot last long enough during sex so le pussy eater trys to extend her pleasure as long as possible because he can't satisfy it the way nature intended.

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the cafeteria food or whatever my mom has

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Lol, enjoy your bowel cancer.

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Whatever you say, subhuman. True men will continue to eat ass, pussy and cocks until they are dead, because it is pleasurable and pleasure is the only thing of worth.

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>giving a shit about Roman moral standards

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I hate leaving and cleaning a mess of pots and pans, so I usually do simple stuff like this:

Sear chicken in a pan, set aside in the oven at low temperature. Fry garlic, mushrooms and onions in the pan, add some chili flakes. Chop up broccoli, bell peppers and bok choi and add them later. Chop up the chicken, add into the mix and stir, then season with sesame oil and salt.

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That's my end goal but I don't have a garden right now.

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True men eat cock?

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>pleasure is the only thing of worth.
Imagine being this much of a hedonist bugman. Might as well inject heroin if that's your outlook on life.

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Upgrade to sardines and mackerel for the greater good.

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Air and dew.

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you need to have sex

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Cigarettes and coffee.

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le ebin ciggy cringe peepee

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Cat. Lot of cat. Some Seagull when I'm of a mood for Seafood...

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Mercury poisoning is known to cause permanent damage to cognitive ability.

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They also though being gay was okay as long as you topped

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Not him, but I believe a little tuna once in a while should be fine. Body should flush it out the mercury. I wouldn't eat it regularly though. A few times per month is probably ok.

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You put them in your mouth?

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>he thinks all tuna contains mercury
Just go lower on the food chain.

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