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Why are we taught this branch of mathematics at university?
Out of all the branches of mathematics, why calculus?

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Because it turns the faggots and queers into smart people

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It's the most useful one in terms of general problem-solving.

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thank you

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Its important for physics and engineering.

The study of differential functions comes entirely from physical problems.

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what a useless post.

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People learn calculus so that after someone like Einstein writes down Einstein's equation other people like Schwarzschild, Nordstrom, Kerr, Reissner, etx, can use calculus to find the solutions of the equation. The equation itself isn't so useful if no one ever solves it.

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Open your calculus textbook and start going through the "application" problems, and you'll have your answer. Yes, even if you're a CS major, you'll find some relevant ones. Also, pay attention in your physics class, where you should be using it all over the place.
I think more than half the questions on this board wouldn't even need to be asked if people just paid attention to what they're supposedly studying.

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What a useless post

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Linear Algebra and Calculus are the most generally useful math techniques, which consistently find application in almost every field. Everything else is rather niche.

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What would happen if someone cracked the Riemann Hypothesis?

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No, arithmetic is by far, like by many orders of magnitudes of light years and parsecs, by far, by far, by far the most useful math technique.

Geometry is also more useful than either of linear algebra or calculus.

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Hopefully that person didn't also already crack
>classical electrogravity
>quantum gravity
>the structure of the standard model
>dark energy
>a dozen other super important problems
because then they would probably just keep fucking him over not recognizing his valuable contributions to math and science like they already had been for years by the time he cracked RH

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1) They would win a million dollars per the millenium prize.
2) If under age 40 (this is most likely; math is a young man's game), they would very probably be awarded a Fields medal.
3) They would become a hot commodity in the mathematical community, and have their pick of institutions to do research/teach at. In the event that the person did not have a PhD, they could easily submit their proof as their dissertation (after doing other appropriate coursework/research).
4) On the other hand, they might go crazy/paranoid from the celebrity (very smart people are half-crazy to begin with), and they would likely be accused (perhaps truthfully!) of having stolen/scooped the proof-idea from so-and-so.

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It underlies a whole period of frenzied historical developments in science (mechanics, etc)
I think it's mostly taught for culture. That and because the concept of continuous rates of something is more immediately intuitive and easier to motivate than notions from other subjects. Calculus can also be taught in a satisfying way without the need for much formalism at all, whereas most other times you have to choose between "accessible" and "interesting"

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(1) You get the million for publishing, not for solving it so you better not be blacklisted from publishing
(2) not if you're on the shit list
(3) not if you're on the shit list
(4) trudat

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What is even the Riemann Hypothesis?
My professor told me you need at least a Master's to even understand it. I'm starting to see why.

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RH is easy to explain.
Riemann zeta function is a thing.
RH asks if the thing is equal to zero anywhere except the places we already know about.
If no, then RH is true. If yes, then RH is false.

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>infinity hat

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Haha, you know what's funny? They sent my research to one of the top deep state USA "brains" to ask his opinion and he told them it was dogshit. No wonder the country is such a piece of shit if that guy is their big brain talent.
>how do airplanes work?

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I wager that it makes the most sense from a Spenglerian point of view where Westerners just cum their pants over the idea of i n f i n i t y and a p p r o a c h i n g i n f i n i t y

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an integral is a sum over a continuous interval instead of a discrete sum
derivatives help optimization problems
Im sure you can think of an application for optimization or sums

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Cumming in your pants over this is just a meme. Everyone who knows anything knows that infinity is a perfectly well-behaved number. It's not a real number, but neither is the imaginary number and no one ever complains about that one.

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ok, true

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What grade did you get in Calculus, Tooker?

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At all events, your reply (1) is bullshit. This is not meant as an insult at you, but at the statute itself. After a little checking, I do see the "must have been published" language. But the relevant body is not Arxiv (your pic is unhelpful and irrelevant, now I do insult you a little bit); the relevant body for this particular question is the CMI, and their statutes. And their statutes, while obviously meant to discourage cranks, are still bullshit-a proof is a proof is a proof.

OTOH one (some person, theoretically) could establish and self-publish a proof, and THEN once its truth becomes clear to "the community", they could and would happily go through the formality of publishing in Journal X, to satisfy (bullshit) statute and later clear the road to the money. But of course people aren't interested in the problem itself for the money, it's just a nice theoretical bonus. True mathematicians are high-functioning autists who do not personally care much about money.


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directed at >>10655659

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lemme see...
I think I got an A in Calc I
probably an A in Calc II
I think it was an A in Calc III
I probably got an A in Vector Calc
I think I got an A in the Calc of functions of complex variables
I think I got an A in every math class I ever took except for real analysis which I did not have all the pre-reqs for and only took for personal enrichment in my final undergrad semester

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Is CS math like discrete, combinatorics, etc. Easier than the calc sequence? Couldn't someone finish it by highschool?

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>But of course people aren't interested in the problem itself for the money
I want to go to the proctologist to get this anal rape implant removed from my anus but I can't afford to go. I went to the emergency room to complain about it. The free doctor there just told me that he thought it was healthy that I thought I had a thing implanted in my anus and then he sent me on way. I have been mostly homeless for two years and I spent most of last winter in jail for squatting in an abandoned house

Fuck you if you think I don't want the money. I don't even know what RH is useful for, I literally only looked at it because it has a $1M bounty on it.

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They offered the money to Perelman for publishing on arXiv and if you examine the rules you can see that the same waiver of the publishing rule which they extended to him is the one they would need to extend to offer me the money for my solution on viXra.

It's literally the exact same waiver they gave to Perelman.

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I assume that you're the crank who hasn't actually established RH and has been peddling his thing with the infinity-hat symbol around these parts for three months or so.

On the one hand, I respect you to a point for actually trying and actually submitting your thing. On the other, I'm delighted that you've been shut down because smart people see that you haven't proven shit.

Publishing in the sciences isn't the same as publishing fiction/literature. You have to actually be right, anon.

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Publishing in both places is the same. If the child molesters at the CIA don't want you to then you won't.

>I see you're the poster who has been peddling these posts with your "Latino alphabet" symbols.

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Cool dodge for the non-substance of your (that guy's) non-proof. You are partially correct in the sense of connections/nepotism but you do still actually have to be right in the sciences, on top of all that-or else someone else eventually calls bullshit on falsified data and then you really are blacklisted over that gravest sin. So no, publishing in both places isn't a 1-1 correspondence.

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You've got better grades than me! Thank you for this, it's interesting learning more about you.

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Did you go to graduate school as well?

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I did, but I did not make an effort to get good grades there. My academic work was tightly focused on the success or non-success of my research.

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>more about

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The Lord graces us with another one of his proofs

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Proof of the Limits of Sine and Cosine at Infinity

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The Golden Ratio in the Modified Cosmological Model

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Time Arrow Spinors for the Modified Cosmological Model

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classical electrogravity:
Geometric Cosmology

pic related:
Quantum Structure

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John Titor, the Montauk Project, the e-Cat and Geometric Unity

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Because solving dank kush nasty integrals is like smoking weed and having a prostate orgasm with nipple clamps on all at the same time.

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link says Montauk project moved to Warner Robins, GA in 1995. I moved there in 1994. Before that, I lived in Tucson, AZ from 1980-1994. Incidentally, Tucson was the North America HQ of al-Qaeda 1980-1994.


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list of people who are "not" John Titor
these people are also not John Connor


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brainlet here, what's the flaw with the proof?

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le infinity hat is not a real number

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Is anything real these days?

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Yes, the real numbers for example. Dumb doomer faggot.

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Lmao I didn't know this Tooker guy was such a big deal around these parts. Guess I should lurk more.

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It's a function from C to C, Riemann made a formula that has to with prime distribution but it only works if the zeros of the Riemann Zeta Function has certain properties. Riemann said "I think the zeros has these properties, but I cant prove it", that's the hypothesis.

An extremely large amount of zeros has been computed and they all have this property but the proof that this holds for all zeros remains elusive.

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Lurk moar faggot, Jon is /our guy/

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congratulations, you have just disproven every theorem in complex analysis. Cauchy BTFO

my promises

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Where are your fucking 1M$? XD

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What does the roof above the infinity signs mean?

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Sounds like a capeshit movie where the superhero is a faggot hipster

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lurk moar newfriend

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>Why are we taught calculus?
Many people aren't.
>Why are we taught this branch of mathematics at university?
Because it's useful. Although again, many people aren't taught it.

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Cauchy doesnt depend on made of numbers. Recall that you flunked complex analysis, Jon.

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Because brainlet engineers who think mathematics = integrals

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Sounds like you need a real job

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>I want to go to the proctologist to get this anal rape implant removed from my anus but I can't afford to go
What? Did you actually get raped, as in you consciously remember a rape happening? Or is this a delusion?
> I have been mostly homeless for two years and I spent most of last winter in jail for squatting in an abandoned house
The thought of Jon shivering in a cold ruined house makes me ;_;
Honestly, m8, why don't you check yourself into a loony bin? It's better than being a homeless psycho.

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Because it’s important to many fields.

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False. Arithmetic is mostly done with calculators nowadays.
You’re kidding, right? I like geometry, but it’s nowhere near as widely applicable as algebra and calculus.

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Research is more important. Do you have a personal website apart from your vixra page?
I am not sure about what you mean by this. Do you see yourself as messiah? I am not religious.

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>Jon is /our guy/
It's true. He's everything we wan't to be and everything we don't want to be at the same time.

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What they fuck is a job going to do for me? "Hey Doc, I don't have a money but I have a job so you'll do it for free right?"

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I recently deleted it.
Someone is only the Messiah if they can accomplish the mission of the Messiah without dying first. I haven't done that.

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> I haven't done that.
>Someone is only the Messiah if they can accomplish the mission of the Messiah without dying first.
> I haven't done that.
Did you die, or do you mean you are not finished yet?

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I meant "I have not accomplished the mission of the Messiah without dying." Since I am alive, it follows which part of that is bottleneck: the accomplishment of the mission.

>> No.10657931

Alright! I thought it was possible that you had experienced dying and resurrection like Jesus did, but maybe Jesus finished his mission before he died anyways? Is it possible to have a Messiah that finished his mission after resurrection? Asking for a friend.

>> No.10658097

I don't think it is possible to do anything as a dead person. Death is characterized by an inability to act, as far as I can tell.

>> No.10658106

I am assuming resurrection is a possibility.

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What's your life situation like right now, Tooker? Do you have a job?

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Of course is not a real number. Is a number from the set of the augmented real numbers.

Is a hyperreal number.

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A resurrected person a living person.

My life fucking sucks. I get gangstalked all day everywhere I go. When I stay at inside, they park gangstalkers out side to gangstalk me through the walls. I'm completely impoverished. I'm completely indigent. My enemies enjoy impunity to do whatever they want, and they make a huge production of spending who knows how much money to follow me around int eh public spaces I am forced into by my poverty. I have a rape implant in my asshole that the gangstalkers constantly activate with their remote control, I have a pain implant in each of my feet, and apparently my enemies have awarded themselves the right to cut my body whenever they want to. I keep getting hypnotized into unconsciousness and then anally raped. I suffered anal trauma in jail earlier this year. I was able to pay a few months rent last year, then they sent a gnagstalker to be my roommate and he was constantly using his remote control for my anal rape implant to torture my. Then i spat in his face and got put on probation, and then they sent the exact same gangtsalker to be my probation officer.

I've been totally unemployed since January 2017 after I quit the gangstalking in my office exceeded what was I willing to accept. They do it even more now, but I don't volunteer for it. In fact, the gangstalkers whose torments were too much for me in that office in Atlanta have followed me to this seedy motel I'm staying in now and still doing their same shit. I literally cannot get away from them. All I can hope for is that one day I can repay them many times over the torment they've given me.

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>I like geometry, but it’s nowhere near as widely applicable as algebra and calculu
Try building something.

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I went to the movies yesterday. They send a gangstalker to sit behind me. He would loudly chomp his popcorn in synchrony with the anal rape implant inflicting the anal rape sensation on me, he sprayed my int he face with pepper spray, he stuck something in my ear, he kept kicking my seat, and when I would look around to see what the fuck was happening, the other gangstalker they sent to sit next to me would flash a light in my eyes. This is basically all day every day for me, and there is nothing I can do to get away from it.

All I can do is hope that one day I can hurt them worse than they've hurt me. I'm optimistic about it, but it didn't happen today.

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I am very sorry to hear that you have to deal with all of this. I am praying for things to get better for you. I gathered from a post a few days ago that you have recently moved to a new city. Do you have a place to live right now? Do you collect social benefits so you can pay your rent and buy food?

>> No.10658283 [DELETED] 

I see you stay in a motel.

>> No.10658295

I am very sorry that you have to deal with all of this. I am praying for it to get better for you. Are you going to get your own place soon? Maybe you can find a place outside of the city which the gangstalkers can't access. Maybe it's better for you to live alone? Do you collect social benefits so you can pay rent?

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Infinity isnt a number you fuck it's nothing like complex numbers

>> No.10658954

You are doing the exact the same thing and I hope you suffer for it. Maybe it's better to make an example of people who aren't afraid of me, as you clearly aren't. I think it is, in fact.

it is a number. it's an extended real number
you're ignorant

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poor jonathan w. tooker...
what are we gonna do with you

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better to ask, what am I going to do with the people who make posts that I don't like.

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Absolutely nothing, because you are a homeless schizophrenic from Georgia.

>> No.10659272

Well, I still hope you find a better place soon. I know much living situation can affect the psyche. Best of luck.

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>3 months
I wish

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is that actually? i saw this at the train station the other day and wondered what it meant, and no lie i actually thought about jon when I saw it.

t. live in atlanta

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how do you know? How can you be so sure? Why are you so confident? Who are you? Where have you been? Where are you going? Mysterious poster..

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>is that actually?
meant is that actually him? also sorry 4chan rotated the picture but thats definitely the same wall, lol. very interesting

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>jon going in for the kill

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Unlike calculus

>> No.10659464

Do engineers really need to learn calculus and physics? I hear that most engineering jobs require knowledge of neither, and boils down to just coding.

>> No.10659615

I guess I'll already have like 10+ years of fake CS experience on my fake resume should I attend a fake university where I can't get a cookie for anything true that's on my real resume.

>> No.10660267

if you're not smart enough to pass those classes you need to get out

>> No.10660281

There's many writeups about this by professors, calculus is the perfect course to dump all incoming students into so they can re-teach them mathematics. Most highschools teach math completely incorrectly, and when you get to university they use Calculus to fix all your deficiencies and teach you general problem solving skills.

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