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Post things that are both extremely high and low IQ.
>taking your shoes out and putting them on without untying and retying the know

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>another IQ thread

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>Thinking IQ can quantify intelligence
Oh sorry, you probably wanted a bunch of excuses for laziness. I mean:
>Having a messy room
>Being bored in school
>Not clipping your finger nails
>Being addicted to media
>Going unrecognized by teachers and/or managers
>Not accomplishing anything noteworthy prior to age 25

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dating big tittied ASHKENAZI women exclusively is inherently iq

das rite ASHKENAZI boi I'm taking your womminz

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having the “alto” witten voice?
the dude constantly mumbles in his middle-schooler voice. if he weren’t a legit off-the-charts genius i’d be like “wtf only retard autists talk like that”

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>tfw ashkenazi wimmin
>tfw flatchested
Which impure admixture made me a booblet? Any ideas?

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you probably have more goyisch ancestors than you know

lemme guess you come from a family of reform Jews don't you?

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I wonder if she escaped that enclosure

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Yeah yeah yeah but which one? Come on. I want ideas.

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>taking your shoes out and putting them on without untying and retying the know

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what do you mean? you clearly have lots of ancestors who were common farm laborers. were stetl jews allowed to actually own land and work it as physical laborers in the pale of settlement? maybe that explains it.

having large tits as a female and being a farm laborer would be especially difficult, that's why women who are descended from peasants and farm laborers usually have flatter cheats and more athletic builds, being a woman with large natural breasts may be a good proxy for high iq because it means your ancestors didn't have to work physically to survive. not even memeing.

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A female sociologist took 1,200 women with varying breast sizes and had them fill out IQ tests. On average, the larger-breasted women scored 10 points higher than the others. 10 points!

We’re not entirely sure why this is the case. But the University of Chicago study speculates it has something to do with higher sex hormone levels that increase both breast size and intelligence.

Keep in mind that the study does not suggest this to be a universal law. It’s not suggesting that smaller-breasted women are dumb or that all large breasted women are highly intelligent.

As with any study, this one looks at a chunk of the population in an attempt to get a result that might reflect the total population. In this case, they’ve chosen a fairly big sample size; 1,200 is no joke.

And if these findings do reflect the total population after all, that would explain a few things. For one…

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that's so hot.

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God I want to breed some big titty high IQ bitch

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>peasants and farm laborers usually have flatter cheats and more athletic builds
Good theory.
I can totally picture my great granddad or whoever answering the nature's knock by knocking up a Eastern European peasant slut in WW2-torn Europe as an GI lol.

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How the fuck it is 10 points higher. That is some incredibly significant shit.
Please citation link please

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>Eastern European peasant slut.
Except many of the Eastern European Jewesses are actually flat chested as well, at least the ones I've seen. The only "good thing" is that they have something else going on for them, like how many actually work in the media and make a lot of money.
Unfortunately they're still brainlets and work in fields unrelated to Stem.

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probably just ended up unintentionally selecting for nords and germanics who are significantly more intelligent than irish-germanics, scots-irish, italians and anglos. If it was in chicago it would be even more skewed with the demographic heterogeneity of european ethnicities there.

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Now, the real question is:
Does wearing a push up-bra increase your IQ?

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Being contrarian and edgy

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Well, I can see what exactly wrong in the research. Except asian.

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what about the jewess component?

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Its fake

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are you sure?

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Being you.

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Quit larping tranny. Those statistics were pulled out of your ass.

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t. chestlet

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Nah I'm not a trans who think his melting man titties drooping down to the belly counts as big breasts.

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i'm not a tranny either you chucklefuck, i just understand the reality of the high iq female phenotype

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False research. You believe anything huh? There is no correlation between IQ and breast size.

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you are simply incorrect. cope with it, chestlet.

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Booblets on suicide watch

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Because, like literally everything including men magically making more money when they're taller meme or X and Y associated with Z is simple.

Women who were malnourished, exposed to things that prevented growth, or come from inferior cultures have smaller boobs, and will be less intelligent as a result of that cause. It has nothing to do with boob size. Dumb as fuck correlation does not equal causation shit and this board still falls for it.

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I wish she was a pornstar

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Probably just correlates to better nutrition.

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>malnourished women
united States

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This is clearly a thread intended for arguing over silly autisms. If you had an even median IQ, your pattern recognition would have been high enough to realize that. Oh well. Can't help how you were born.

Eating your boogers for their vaccine-analogous immunoboosting properties is the highest IQ thing of which I can think. Even higher would be stallmanesque foot snacks.

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Imagine actually taking the time to tie and untie your shoes every time you take them off or put them on.

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>that gif
Top keks

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>someone actually made it

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Enjoying the fast and furious films. The only people I've known who haven't loved them have been normies who want to come off smarter than they are.

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I agree. This goes for trashy culture in general.

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Enjoying trashy culture makes you high IQ and low IQ? Why?

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Hating on popular/trashy culture is a normie thing. It tends to decrease the possibility for low and high IQ.

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It's contrarian, not normie. If it was a normie thing than those popular things would not be popular in the first place. How can you be normie for hating normie things?

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Because people are irrational. For instance, 80% of automobile drivers rate their driving ability higher than average.

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God I wish that were me.

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I can love you anyway, anon.

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Small tits is very nice. I prefer it.

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