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Bros? It wasn't a meme, right? I just want to get some position within the government, is that too much to ask?

I don't care about being some finance memer working at goyman ballsacks

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>Get math degree
>Don't know what it can be used for
You've climbed to the top of the mountain and expect people stuck in the villages below to know the lay of the land better than you? Pathetic fool, you do not even realize the full extent of your power.

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Math majors just end up as CS monkeys, finance wagecucks working for shekelberg or work in cryptography (probably the coolest out of all the options)

Btw you'll never be an actuary because the job market is shit LMAO

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You're in for an exciting career in McDonald's or Starbucks. Its your choice OP.
>I just want to get some position within the government,
Some military bases have their own restaurants and coffee shops you should check out a job there. Best of luck OP and remember to always ask if they want fries with that.

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Y-you're joking right a-anon? H-ha. So it's not a meme, right? Uhhh... at least I'm not a CS pajeet, suck it! H-heh.

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This post is unironically true but Mr. Shekelberg pays very nicely and making connections with jews is probably the best long term investment you'll make if you are a gentile.

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>Uhhh... at least I'm not a CS pajeet,
Yes anon. At least you don't have an actual career making bank. Congrats on your math degree

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data science is also an option, there are a lot of data analysis jobs out there
t. coping pajeet

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Tutor undergrads.
It's actually a great job tbqh.

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I'll have a double quarter pounder with supersized fries and a vanilla shake.

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fuck you

I can just start my own business r-right. I'm just a late bloomer h-heh.

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This. Work whenever and wherever the fuck you want. For advanced maths turoring you can charge just about anything you like. Keep getting to solve fun problems.

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But is that a role you would want to keep permanently?

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Bros, what should I major in? Is math actually a meme major? CS looks boring. Bio is unemployable. Chemistry is also a meme.

What is there? Engineering? Like OP, I also want to get into politics

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This guy is the only one with good perspective in thread, but he's an lazy asshole that barely tries to explain.

The thing is, mathematics is a very special kind of power. It's not like money, looks, social status, position, confidence etc. The power manifests itself in a more indirect way. You've gotta work a little to bring it to life, but if you do, then it has the potential to be unlike anything else.

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Congrats on wasting several years of your life on a useless degree that you'll never be able to do anything with.

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One man's trash is another man's treasure.

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CS is not boring cunt

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yes it is

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The power of Autism?

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finance. make top grades and youll land a job making 100k out of undergrad

go to a top 20 program.

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you sound like a sociopath

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you sound like a narcissistic, lawyer might be a good fit

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theoretically a mathematician should be able to predict the future, so try that

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Are you done yet? What do you have a Bachelor? Masters?
Look into Operations Research. It's a good field for people who want to just work in private or public sector.

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>implying the job market works like that

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Take your math degree and use it to wipe your dick off after a nice jerk off session with gay tranny porn.

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And fuck them on the side. Can't tell you how many obese students I fucked.

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Engineering is a meme.
Law or finance if you want money.

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That’s disgusting.

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Obese students with 500 lbs BMI sitting on my lap turns me on. It helps when they devour a Big Mac on the side.

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truly based and redpilled

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>Engineering is a meme.
is it? i'm a sophomore MechE student and i just landed a full time paid internship making $18/hr over the summer, and my boss is hell-bent on hiring me on as a co-op until i graduate, and then full time permanent afterwards making $40/hr which is extremely good for my area. i'll probably stop at my AAS because ~$80k is more than enough to live comfortably while supporting a family in my area.

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Implying what? I am not saying anything about the job market dude.

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This thread really makes you think, doesn't it? Maybe it is better to work some decent blue collar job and do maths on the side?
Better than working for McDonalds and you can choose your own projects.

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Why get a degree anyways?

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Pure autism power

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You have no idea what the power of a true wizard is like!

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ST_M kids mad that engineers get all the jobs

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You got very lucky with that situation.
Around most places, even having good grades, some experience, and research isn’t enough to get a good paying co-op like that (because they’re usually hiring only 1-2 people, and there are a fair amount of engineering students with all those qualifications)

Good job on getting that though, anon, I hope your career goes well

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for a job

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