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>with time, things turn into a mess

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this >>10646703

>the less definite it is the more of it there can be

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many worlds interpretation.
>the faster things go the slower they go

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stuff goes back and forth and make lots of DNA

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Uncertainty principle

>it turns it into signals

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> when there's only one way to gettit

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The guests just keep coming

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that one hotel problem relating to infinity.

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There more of us you consume, the lower you're IQ will be.

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/sci/ threads

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Its hard to swim in molasses, it bogs me down and makes me feel heavy

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I-I-I meant polymerase chain reaction, anon!

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Higgs feild

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True, but not the answer

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The thirstiness for lines depends on the oomph inside

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Put drugs in a cup with gut juice to eat it then add intestine juice and see how hard it eated it

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When you travel the shortest route and it's impossible to go outside no matter where you are heading.

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Highness, swishiness, and pushyness tells you how the swishy things swish

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round earth

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Cocaine addiction

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Close enough! Convexity.

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Navier-Stokes equations

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When you go to the store and come back home but it's late now.

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>stupid bags of chemicals

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>when you go the store and come back home and you've turned one eighty degrees

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Special relativity

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answers to your concept
>the more you circle the more you are

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>dude just throw random numbers at the problem until you almost have the answer lmao

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Specifically the Bernoulli equation

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numerical analysis

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centripetal force

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Time-dependent Schrodinger Equation

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Kek but not what I'm thinking of

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>dude imagine if the layers of the earth were like ice cubes

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Machine learning.

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Related, but it's a physics concept

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Something regarding flux and forces?

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Close enough, Gauss's Law

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If you draw a loop, you can tell how much swirly is inside

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Kelvin Stokes Theorem

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Careful, you'll hurt a CS fags feelings

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In my area, pies are square

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What doesn't kill you makes your descendants stronger.

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Natural selection

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A metric space with the taxicab metric

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Close. Lemarkian theory of inheritance.

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Fourier transform?

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penrose diagrams?

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spontaneous combustion

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Nope, and the answer is given here >>10646801

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>as it turns out, you can't actually prove the existence (or lack thereof) of a deity.

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chaos theory

>you make it complicated then try to integrate then avoid the awkward bits then you have your answer right there

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You go to the natural number store, you pick out a number and go to the check out line. But once you are there, there are finitely many people that can take your number from you. Not only that but, you can check out with your number and then they can take it from you by kicking you in the shins. You then have to go pick another number. The only solace you get is that you can do the same to anyone else behind you in line. You can only keep your number once everyone in front of you is satisfied.

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they are both equal to 3

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How is epigenetics close to LeMark? One is gene expressions inside a single generation, the other is passing learned behaviours on to offspring.

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Twofer, but they're very closely related.
>we don't know how it happened, we don't why it happened, we don't know when it happened, we don't even have concrete evidence that it happened, but we are 100% sure that it happened
>some people think it happened somewhere else and then came here later

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Not him, but the state of the mothers body affects the fetus while it is in the womb. For example mother pass on certain properties of the her endocrine system not coded in genes.

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Spinor? Sort of

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Fucking holonomy lads.

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I guess that makes sense.

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Oh duh yeah that makes sense

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Squiggly lines and Greek letters

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Something tells me this is something in set theory

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Lead paint chips?

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>I Can't Believe It's Not Faceswitch!

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Area = 3.142 × r2

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Call me a newfag (I'm from /x/) but this is the most hilarious thread I have seen here.

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>I'm from /x/
Funniest post ITT

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Black hole

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Math? :p

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Nope. I'm not sure what else to say that doesn't make it obvious. A particle that isn't a particle

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Oh, feynman diagrams?

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If you bump into me we'll annihilate in a burst of photons.
If you run into me we'll annihilate in a burst of bosons

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Finite injury priority method, recursion theory

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capillary action

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its how we measure real and imaginary power.

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monte carlo

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Doesn't have enough minus things so it takes a minus thing from something small and the other one gives the small thing another minus thing and you get two minus things between three small things.

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Me during chemical physics exams

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Replacing sexy panties with a set of rules until a nice tree is formed

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the study of not being alone

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Hard one: Despite the name, the variables aren't going anywhere

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Rap "music" albums

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Dynamic programming?

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You try and express things that are more likely to appear using less information, so in the end you hope to transmit less total information than if you had equal information to each thing.

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Nope, another massive clue: 2e3c

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shannon codes

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I meant entropy coding in general, but yes, certainly.

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Easy mode
>the amount of sucking you need to avoid small destruction bubbles

>metal tends to crap out within a certain radius of metal-sticking machine

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Hint: the variables do actually go somewhere, but it's just across to the other side

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any material substance that causes noticeable damage to the brain

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Severe on the edges
Nonexistent in the middle

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One thing implies another thing and the other thing implies the first thing, but each thing may end up being one of a number of different things, so the only sure thing is the implication.

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logical equivalence?

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Third hint, H-bridge

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Mandelbrot set

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Hint: it's a relationship that can be formed when it once wasn't.

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Good job anon

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Temperature is time which is also cyclic so you can just get rid of it

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An isentropic process?

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Injective function

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Also correct

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when you try your best but other people are too

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Could very well have been

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Could have been, but no. Convexity.

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Theorem humans can do mathematics no computer can possibly do

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1st: Priming (pumps)? Cavitation?
2nd: Rephrase your question... Tensile test? Hardness?

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>1st: Priming (pumps)? Cavitation?
Eh, close enough. I was looking for "net positive suction head"
(head lol)

>2nd: Rephrase your question... Tensile test? Hardness?
Okay, try:
>the metal inside this region is upset by the flame or arc

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Surely it's not: slag?

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close, no cigar ;3

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The bigger the beast, the harder it is to escape

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Gravity/escape velocity

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e and pi kek

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the universe is a lazy fucker.

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the GDA method of calculating square roots by hand

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Stuff happens where the only chance of somethin happening is due to what just happens before.

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Markov chain

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I was thinking this or just non-deterministic Turing machine

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square/cube law

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>Telepathy but only when high on weed

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I had this thought the other day. Weird.

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Ok so first it was like 1 and then a thing happened because of the transfer of energy and like more happened and kaboom

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black people

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A force of natural attraction with no freedom to choose what its attracted to

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So trannies and gays?

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If it works for three people it works for all people

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Something you do every Saturday.

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conditional probability?

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Inductive reasoning?

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In biology it looks like sex but not really one part won't fit in the other part unless that part pulls a Grace Jones in Conan the Barbarian.

There's no way anyone'll get that.

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As long as it has this you can smack it up all kinds of ways, except one. If you do that it'll snap.

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Big bang?

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chain reaction?

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heavy metals

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Prince Rupert's drop?

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Prince Rupert's drops

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>tfw no one guessed mine
I guess /sci/ has no geologists

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Shear strength

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Closer. Badly formed hint: It's not a specific material thing just a thing that material things have when they line their things up to all point at a thing.

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It's simple sweet single has a backbone, ends with an O and gets all da hide.

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>all da hide.
too obvious

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The function at the junction creates the motion in the ocean

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Maybe, I couldn't resist describing it like that.

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If you play in this city, you can play in the other as long as you know when to stop. If you play in the other city, you can only play here if you know it when you see it.

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The sinusoidal graph created by the Earth's tide being influenced by the moon

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Just keep your distance and you'll move fast enough to stay in the same place.

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An old school wolf from around the 70's, he's heavy, tough and snatches loot from Sn-horns.

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Quantum entanglement.

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Red queen problem.

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Not really, when I say move I mean that literally.

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Close, I was going for wind waves

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And I also don't see what keeping your distance has to do with that.

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Traveling salesman problem.

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If it goes through a loop it produces a spinning thing.
That spinning thing produces a thing that goes through the loop again, but from the other side.

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No. But algorithmics is a good direction. Hint: I'm talking about two specific cities.

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Geostationary orbit?

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Quick sort.

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To satiate your curiosity.

Said by the Red Queen in Lewis Carrol: "...it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place."

Red Queen effect aka problem from wikipedia:
>"an evolutionary hypothesis which proposes that organisms must constantly adapt, evolve, and proliferate in order to survive while pitted against ever-evolving opposing organisms in a constantly changing environment, as well as to gain reproductive advantage."

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Well, you got the answer to this

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O I got one. When you sit at a table at Applebee's and it takes so long to for people to pass the biscuits that the sun will go out before you get one.

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Yes, you got it!
I'm aware of that, but I still don't see what "keeping distance" has to do with that.

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sounds like diff eq

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correct, well done

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That thing where stuff gets hot and processes things and we talk about it.

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Really? Don't know what to tell you. It literally is a racing metaphor describing evolutionary distance between organisms. Oh well.

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Different things made of the same stuff you can make them the same but only if you flip out. If you forget which is which you can pick right as long as you look with extra light.

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A Greek love potion that all humans have and knose. But it may not be intact if you're in the wrong cleft.

>> No.10653052

What is the triforce er power triangle?

>> No.10653067

Three center two electron bond?

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I'm not a biologist and the description of the req queen hypothesis I saw didn't use that term. But now I see where you're coming from.

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A is correlated with B (anon et al.) and B is correlated with C (anon & anon). Thus we have proved a causality between A and C. Thank you, thank you. It's hard work but someone has to do it.

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Can nobody get my #2?

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It's cool /sci/guy. I didn't realize yours was geostationary orbit. No one knows everything.
Yes!!! A winner is you.

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A crystalline lattice?

>> No.10654689

Well that covers almost everything.

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My explanation was painfully bad, so I'm gonna give you guys credit since everyone was so ridiculously close. It's anisotropy /sci/guys. Yeah I know, so freaking close every time. I held out so long due to it being a property and not a specific instance. Not sure if that was the best call on my part, honestly.

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Okay here's one t that should be easy: Hooks too small to magnify by light, but easily felt by any blind hand.

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Hooke's law.

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It sucks balls and only gay faggots with aids like it.

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Another term for this guy >>10654949. One who spreads abstract transmission with such low informational value that the transmission can no longer be converted into an energetically or informationally usable form.

>> No.10655144

It's supposedly rooted in geometric questions, but it's procedures reduce to algebra.

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this guy already got it >>10654816. Magnetism is a little beyond what I could describe with deliberate badness, since the best I can do with it is bad enough to be problematic already.

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Not him. It happens. Here's one, but it's pretty simple: A very hard pudding, so common that it doesn't exist, to know it isn't there is to strike gold.

>> No.10656695

The pudding model of the atom.

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Got it!

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Got it!

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Theoretically, if it was a bank it would be a bad one. It never let's it's funds go so they only get smaller. It's a good thing these banks don't exist. Otherwise neither would we.

>> No.10656756

Two possible answers, with poetic license:It silences what doesn't talk,/but really should shut up./Roll dice, rip it like a hawk,/the noise will be disrupt.

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dude just look harder lmao

>> No.10656992

Who's that handsome guy in the pic? Wink wink.

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Intestinal flora hydrolysis.

>> No.10657774

Electron microscopy

>> No.10657901

Meant Stokes theorem in general, inspired by smbc

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>Me and my retarded brother stay in a solution and we dont change unless you add a ton of positive or negative

>a box of algebra

>> No.10658039

was looking for something more along the line of phase angle or complex power

>> No.10658454

Godel's incompleteness theorem

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>> No.10659971

zeno's paradox?

>> No.10660081

Not quite, but that's close enough for my tastes. It was factorial time.

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wibbly-wobbly rainbow spheres that take not-insignificant amount of time to be rendered

>> No.10660827

Something you wear on your hand that helps you get to work.

>> No.10660938

convex sets obviously

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