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I did H and Crack yesterday. Why are both so hyped? MDMA is like both, and more, plus up two hours longer from 30 minutes.

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Ok crack was good.

Dark was like a portion of MD.

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Is it just there are people who have done MD, and what people have always wanted is a moment on MD?

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MDMA permanently ruins your serotonin receptors, have fun

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H needs to be injected to really enjoy.

Sucks that it took a decade of my life to get off after trying it

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I did inject but it felt like one factor of MDMA, which I enjoyed - euphoria.

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you corporate drug takers are all the same, enabling the absolute worst people to live great lives by spending money on your drugs
what y'all motherfuckers oughta do is huff gasoline, nobody trips that hard off anything you can buy off a drug dealer, huffing inhalants is weird like salvia
coleman fuel and Ross brand rubber cement fuck you up real good too

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