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The rule of life is that to live, you need to consume life.
Meat, plants and even a clump of cells (lab-grown meat) all constitute life.
Is it possible to bypass this limitation and create food that doesn't originate from life?
Not cultured cells, or protein isolates from veggies. But to rebuild amino acids from scratch.
That is the only way to greater good. To free ourselves the burden of having to consume life. It is the only way to preserve all life and to honor God.

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More primitive forms of soulbound mass. Plants, fungi and insects. Only way to maximize life-energy preservation.

>lab grown chicken muscle fiber
>genetically modified for growth
>satisfactory for worldwide protein demand
>all grown by one company in israel

It's already in motion

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Schizo post

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>Plants, fungi and insects.
still life

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>Is it possible to create artificial food?
We can make easily large quantities of basic nutrients with modern tech, and there's nothing wrong with a vat of glucose or fake collagen but anything more than that would need a custom designed billion dollar factory with hundreds of experts to make very small quantities.

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