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World's Best Pencil! prove me wrong

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for me it's BLACKED

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i like em thick

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Wrong board

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Fucking richfags

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It requires sharpening to work, unlike mechanical pencils which complete the same job without the need for an additional tool.

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/sci/ is a pen board.

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/sci/ is a pen board.

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What kind of bizarro dimension are you posting from?

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I did all math, phys, and eng in college in pen

So much prettier

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>best thread this morning

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i don’t do any assignments or exams in anything but pen to encourage focus and punish myself for stupid mistakes

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this, sharpening is a fools game

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mechanical pencils are the basedmilk of pencils

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>not using pic related as your pen

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>he doesn't use a quill

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>black dicks on TINconDERoga

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For me, it's Pelikan

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>mechanical pencils

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.9mm mechanical is my goto

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I think you mean .5mm

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You should try it, feels great to write with and no breakages.

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sticc > thicc

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fucking plebs

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>He doesn't settle for anything less than the PREMIUM Pencil

>Pretends to believe non German Engineered Pencils represent Quality of work one expects from oneself

>He doesn't stand out as the Blue Master Race Ubermensch

Yellow Brand Pencils BTFO

Go Grab a Banana you filthy low IQ Monkeys

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>off color, not pink erasers

Enjoy your smears when they start to dry out soon.

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>he's never used ticonderoga before
look at him. look at him and laugh

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for me, it's a fountain pen ;)

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ticonderoga erasers are godly, shut the fuck up when you dont know what youre talking about

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>Enjoy your smears when they start to dry out soon.
Only brainlets need erasers.

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>Using any other pencil

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