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>Vector field
>not a field

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Find the flux of that field going through your butthole.

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vector valued vector function doesn't quite roll off the tongue

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>BOOlean logic
>never spooks me

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two different things can have the same name, OK?

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>Boolean logic
>Company has a no boolean' policy

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man you make us mathematicians look like autists or something

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A lot of terms are recycled in maths

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>complex analysis
>its very straightforward

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i'm a dum dum, why's it not a field?

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A vector field is a type of field you dumb nigger

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Do you see any grass?

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yes, those blue arrows. It's bluegrass.

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>continuous section of the tangent bundle

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>Not straight

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i need to study diff geom

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Indeed, Poincare called mathematics "the art of giving the same name to different things".

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Tensor is both used for the 4x4 matrix you're using to define the scalar product in Minkowski space, the generalised form of matrixes (for something more than a linear application), and also for "tensor product" of Hilbert spaces

Fuck that

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>Funny math jokes thread
>Actually not funny and just sad.

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Autism 100

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