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poor guy. i dont wish suicidal thoughts on anyone.

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Before this thread goes anywhere, I'll say that anybody who says things like "good riddance" or shit about a talented person being weak is always some pseud loser who wants to try and pass off their unwillingness (or inability) to help others as some form of cognitive elitism. The people that do this are universally shit human beings.

It discourages intelligent people I see in universities from coming forward about issues which may be distressing them they don't have the full knowledge of how to deal with.

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>than such a life
What is he referring to

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he was literally one of the greatest minds to ever exist, if i had to guess it was probably some kind of revelation that caused him to feel an existential crisis? or maybe trying his hardest with his genius to understand some things and just not having all the resources to do so?

like imagine how you felt when you truly appreciated or tried to appreciate just how fucking vast and unknowable the universe is

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Maybe when he felt a high from making a startling realization or resolving a difficult problem, he'd realize "I'm actually getting this excited about numbers" and feel down again

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being an incel.

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>literally had a bunch of kids

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He had 13 kids tho. Married twice iirc

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>Gauss was suicidal
[citation needed]

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Klein - Development of Mathematics in the 19th Century, Chap. 1: Gauss

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He lost his (first) wife in 1809, and their son shortly afterward. Of course he was depressed.

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