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What’s the best way to learn algebra?

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Middle school.

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Do whatever works for you. It's the same for every topic. If it's boring you're either stuck or done too much of the same so move on to other exercises. If it's not boring you keep doing it. It's all about getting the muscle memory down and you become pretty efficient eventually but it takes time so you got to actively do it

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do problems

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Common sense

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Be not retarded

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Try Gelfand's Basic Algebra.

https://volafile org/r/w86qfmug

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What do you know currently? Are you comfortable with linear equations at least?

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If you have linear equations down good, try doing other things to them and seeing what you can generalize. (make a trick to solve easily)

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>tfw learned integrals
>Tfw can't factor
>Too lazy to learn it myself
Why am I like this, I should just end myself

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Fuck, I finally understand the structure of the Mandelbrot set.

It's not just that it's a fractal, it's that the way its boundary changes is also structurally a fractal.

In this case, the pattern is pretty simple; it's just a spiral. But because of the way that pattern interlaces into itself, it has infinite scaling fractal versions at all points along that spiral, turning a perimeter into a sort of meta-tessellation that's concealed by the fractal shrinkage. Most of the time when I look at a fractal I can pretty clearly see the "structure," and there's an obvious linear scaling between self-similar parts. When you have a continuous structure like this pic, there's no self-similarity scaling factor because the scaling rule itself is recurrent at all scales.

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Algebra is pretty simple. The most important thing you can do when you're approaching a subject that you're not comfortable with, is to be relaxed and not get overwhelmed. Treat it like a series of puzzles, and it will be easier to learn.

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>"finding the x"

go back to the secundary, Ned

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Serge Lang's Basic Mathematics.

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