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First for natural monopoly
>this kills the lolbertarian

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Take your astrology somewhere else.

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not science or math

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I'm taking game theory in the fall, how complex is it and which areas of math do I need to brush up on, like probability right?

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Based, but jannies delete these threads, so you might as well not.
Piss easy.
Fixed point theory and optimization. So essentially, stuff you don't know and people don't expect you to, relax.

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Game theory and opportunity cost are the only 2 worthwhile concepts from Economics.

All other systems are subpar and could be improved upon if a mathematician took genuine interest in economics.

I've seen so much economic "formulas" that could be improved by using a slightly more mathematical approach or using 3 vectors instead of 2.

Especially on the producer and consumer graphs like in OP.

Game Theory is actually very respectable and advanced. But that shouldn't really surprise anyone considering it was pioneered by the best mathematician of the time (Von Neumann)

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Noice, I'm looking forward to game theory actually. I wanted to take it this current semester but didn't have the time available.

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>my knowledge of economics doesn't extend beyond undergrad crashcourse level, yet I feel entitled to chime in

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who here /social choice theory/?

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What's that got to do with sct?

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He's just parroting the same post that gets made in every econ thread.

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>Well, two things.
>First, look at the whole piece. It was a thing for the Times magazine's 100th anniversary, written as if by someone looking back from 2098, so the point was to be fun and provocative, not to engage in careful forecasting; I mean, there are lines in there about St. Petersburg having more skyscrapers than New York, which was not a prediction, just a thought-provoker.
>But the main point is that I don't claim any special expertise in technology -- I almost never make technological forecasts, and the only reason there was stuff like that in the 98 piece was because the assignment required that I do that sort of thing. The issues about Bitcoin, however, are not technological! Everyone agrees that it's technically very sweet. But does it work as money? That's a very different kind of question.
>And the fact that people are throwing around my 98 quote actually shows that they don't get this point -- that they're confusing technology with monetary economics.

-Paul Krugman

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>pretend to be retarded once
>have to defend yourself for a life time.

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Publishing in a nutshell

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Quite easy, so long as you understand real and functional analysis. Probability theory is helpful too.

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qu ye?

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William Spaniel has a great game theory youtube channel. No economics, but it still counts.

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Yeah I know, very cool. His bargaining theory playlist is pretty good too

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well what are some other important mental models from economics?

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Market failure / adverse selection as described by Akerlof
The concept of utility and marginal utility

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What disk?
don't disk nothing

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all this economy bullshit begins and ends with the person controlling this green paper we carry in our pockets.
instead of searching for a way to how people can distribute resources without mediation of privately owned banks you people still argue about made up shit and half assed "economy theories" about human society.

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>without mediation of privately owned banks
you mean kickstart?

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>made up shit and half assed "economy theories" about human society.

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Read this. Classical economics is scientific economics.

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>scientific economics

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Unless you believe the economy is literally magic, you have to admit that it obeys physical laws. Classical economics (Adam Smith, David Ricardo, Marx) was focused on discovering those laws. Neo-Classical theory is literally feels == reals. Anwar Shaikh's book provides the statistical evidence for classical theory and compares it to Neo-Classical and Keynesian.
You can investigate the evidence that exists for scientific political economy, or you can stick your head in the sand... that wouldn't be very scientific of you though.

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What math do I need to understand economics

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your comment makes no sense

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Analysis, linear algebra, probability, lots of statistics

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Pretty interesting. I know a couple of game theorists that are in love with what can be summed up as unaccountable consumption, population growth and social warfare. They call it Pablo Escobar theory. The idea is that majority of the native population will always live on a restrictive income until an immigrating population causes a disbalance ushering in a displacement. Nobody eats too much without losing friends. By analyzing foreign rental prices one can get a clue about population origins. One of the first actions to instigate political disruption in a country is dual identity. Sometime ago there was a social group that changed their entire appeal to carry on with dual identities. The only manner for two identities belonging to the same person to exist legally on American soil is by selling the first identity to an intermediate group for collateral until forfeiture. The replacement is not to stay on US soil. But must leave after the campaign and assume the second identity. Leaving the originator with his original identity. And picking up the originators second identity as an expat.

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The only way they can go about is by accute society poisoning. Usually through tap water so they must create an excuse to ship or be shipped foreign water, logistics. They can play it off as petrol containers. Causing petroleum shortage. Main route of exploitation will always be life insurance. They do not like to be investigated so they must live in quiet neighbourhoods so they must be wealthy. Now you must find manners of liquidation as well as lye and construction sites.

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what about pablo scatarri?

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free optimization, constrained optimization (lagrange), non-linear programming (kuhn-tucker), linear programming

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Son, you are big now. Must choose how to name theorem. Will you call it after the person who first said it, Karush, after the person who first said it and the people who rediscovered it, KKT, or will you just call it after the people who rediscovered it for literally no comprehensible reason?

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he was right

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They're just memeing. All you need to do is insert unnecessary mathematical concepts into your paper to obscure the fact that what you're saying is bullshit. Economics doesn't actually use math in a meaningful way.

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>I was only pretending to be retarded

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It was pioneered by John Nash?

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Is this an indictment to American reading comprehension levels?

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See also

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haha look at the brainlet!

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Not a ton. My BS needed calc I and stats. Any further than bachelors gets a lot more quantitative

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