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What is /sci/'s opinion on scientism

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/sci/ is 98% scientism.
I'm part of the remaining 2%, and I can't begin to describe how disgusting this place is to me.

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"scientism" is anti-science

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What's your field?

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Sick autism bruh

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Define "scientism"

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Scientism is sexist and racist

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I assume your referring to the discrimination of peoples based on their field of science. I think it's fine. Some sciences suck and so do the people who work with them.

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The belief that "Science," as an abstract entity, is a universal source of truth and meaning, and a comprehensive belief system.

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Best religion. It works until it doesn't.

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People who think like that don't get far

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It's blatantly false given that science cannot answer e.g. mathematical, ethical, aesthetic questions.

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False. There is no corner of this universe too far for science to investigate.

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Test that.

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rationalism is equivalent to scientism because science is rationality

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I'm sure if you zoom in enough on a number you can empirically verify the existence of math!

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Rationality is the subset of science that doesn't involve forming new ideas to test interesting hypotheses or rechecking data to determine methodological errors.

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>science is rationality
Read up a bit on philosophy of science and come back.

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High quality bait my fellow bugman, I'm sure they'll never catch on to your ruse!

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Scientism is based and redpilled.

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scientism is another fictitious concept invented by /pol/tard godfags and /x/schizo newagers to strawman scientists; similar to “cultural marxism” (pol) or “academics are in a huge conspiracy to promote the NWO” (x)

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I love having a Baking soda volcano level understanding of science and denying humans are creating climate change

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It's the proposition you get from anti-social autists when the try to imagine a world where their status might be a little bit elevated, without knowledge of or through for human interaction otherwise.
It's cringe

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>and /x/schizo newagers to strawman scientists
/x/ anon here, can confirm this reasoning tactic.

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Post this as many times as you like, it’s still not true.

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Here’s a good rule of thumb: if it’s a fact it’s science, if it’s not a fact it’s not science and it’s probably bullshit.


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how is it not true. because you can cite some definition of “scientism” that goes back 150 years and is irrelevant to the modern day shitposter usage?

and don’t give me bill nye memes, dude isn’t even a scientist

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It’s an imaginary thing made up by /x/

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It's a disgrace

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Pretty silly considering there is and never will be a universal source of truth and meaning. A comprehensive belief system could in theory exist but it'd still be 99.99% imaginary like every belief system currently in existence.

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Performing mathematics empirically verifies the existence of math.

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>xkcd but photoshopped
godfags are seriously cringe

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The Science is in.

Your gay.

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A necessary evil to prevent the extras from performing another sack.

I'd rather they feel a muddy-headed good will instead of suspicion and resentment.

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>hey guys these dirty materialists on /sci/ are so fucking lame, those cis-gender materialist bigots!!!
>let’s raid /sci/, here i posted it again!!! hehe scientism kek gotem!!
>praise jesus! and buddha yeah, kundalini is so redpilled

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Man, that reminds me, I should check in on Spirit Science. I'm super keen to watch this kid have a mental break in real time.

It keeps getting better.

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Define science.
Science imo is the application of the scientific theory. That basically means that if you can quantify and record it, you can test it via scientific means.

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>believing in Philosophy vs. Science
>not believing that they are conducive to one another
The absolute state of big-think on this board.

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This is what happens when epistemology and philosophy of science aren't included as part of a basic science education.

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This is good bait, so here's your (You).

Maybe next time, anon.

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yeah brah, philosophy is fuckin amazing
*bubble bubble bubble*
scientists just can’t grasp the REAL concepts like, you know dude, like platonic
*bubble bubble bubble*
reality bro. there’s like another reality outside normal real reality like play-doh said. fucking play-dohnic reality brah

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You almost got me.

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I have a jar of phlogiston to sell you

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This is unfalsifiable therfore it must be true because it has unfalse right in the name.

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Scientism is how science-haters call Science and Mathematics

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>disliking the most reddit thing of all is reddit

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>worshiping science when you could be worshiping large corporations

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Sociology, why?

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>/sci/ is 98% scientism.
No, that's /reddit/

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Literally not a single person on 4chan knows enough about animal mating systems to comment on them. The number of times I've seen some chuckle fuck extrapolate bird mating systems to people on this site and totally disregard life history is obnoxious.

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Hey guys. Creator of the cosmos here. Just want to weigh in with my own perspective.

I created reality. Logic is optional. I use it primarily to explore human perspective. Any model is true if I want it to be. The thermodynamic concept of a closed cosmic system is a convenient excuse for me to exercise plausible deniability. I can obviously apply it when, where, and however I please.

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Why is it the Christian both times in that one?

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That's a good question. It should probably be another atheist scientist "skeptic"

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I fucking hate I fucking love science.

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lol christians believe in ESP now? dang, i thought godfags were better than newagers. you guys do wacky fad diets too now?

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>science is rationality
No, science became unproductive when scientists started treating it like that. The best science is tinkering and fucking with things to see what happens.

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Absolutely retarded and annoying.

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It's just bug pop culture.

Absolute trash.

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There's more evidence for ESP than there is for string theory

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>There's more evidence for ESP than there is for string theory

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Multiple peer-reviewed studies

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Not to mention the people that won't say this but act like its true AKA every politician and 'science educator.'

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well played

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[Crickets] > negative studies

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Obviously they aren't going to say that if they believe it

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>everything i don't understand is bate

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