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It simply astounds me that Platonists still exist in 2019, a full century after set theory thoroughly BTFO any notion that mathematics is discovered and not invented.

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>mathematics is discovered and not invented
It's both. Also that has nothing to do with Platonism.

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sets exist though

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>Continuum **hypothesis**
It pisses me off so fucking much that people call a very unintuitive and disgusting axiom an hypothesis.

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Redpill me on how Set Theory BTFOs Platonism

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what are essays/books on mathematical platonism? im a formalist but i want to see what the Platonist have to say

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It's not an axiom, though? At least, it isn't an axiom of ZFC, if that's the impression you're under.

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How do you guys not know about this

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It's an axiom which some people choose to accept. It's not part of ZFC but it's an axiom nonetheless, it's not an hypothesis in any sense other than historical.

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It is a sentence in the language of set theory, calling it an axiom is a little misleading. Almost no one just says "assume CH". They are either working in a model, like L, where it is true or they're working with something with, like PFA, where it is false.

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Platonism has been rescued by Curry Howard correspondence. A proof of X->Y is simply a concrete computer program between types X and Y.
Philosophytards eternally BTFOed

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>give me a python program for every real number
LOL this retard doesn't know that there are incomputable real numbers.

>decimal expansions of real numbers are not unique
Which Cantor knew, which is why he removed the countably infinite subset of doubles in order to create the bijection between the binary strings and the reals! Take away this guy's PhD!

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This guy’s whole argument assumes all real numbers are computable lmao

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Look at the date it was posted.

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