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What's the scientific explanation for this?

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Depression rates are going up due to lack of exercise, drug abuse, and social media.

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They're mostly young white males so who cares

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The natural state of things. If you need an autistic academic explanation then something something 80-20 something something Pareto.

Nothing to do with that. Daily reminder that even in shithole countries with no tech some retards who have never touched a phone in their life are blowing themselves up. People just want to die. Go back to any period of time and you'll find just people dying by self harming.

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The question is, how do we decrease the rates?

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I have a better question: how do we decrease the wetness of water?

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Water is better wet, but people are better alive and happy.

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>Daily reminder that even in shithole countries with no tech some retards who have never touched a phone in their life are blowing themselves up. People just want to die. Go back to any period of time and you'll find just people dying by self harming.

Not relevant. You asked why it's a leading cause of death and the picture related was US statistics. In most of the undeveloped world, suicide is not a leading cause of death

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>people are better alive and happy.
Are they? Is a serial killer better alive and happy? I think you should just let people die. Kill them even. I even think that the problem with society is that we no longer kill enough people, and that is leaving some undesirables to propagate.

Only because there they get killed by someone else before they have the chance. Which is unironically the solution for OP. If you want to stop people from killing themselves, kill them yourself.

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I wrote the book of Revelation and there was a line about this. You don't want to be the serial killer do you? Or is it only okay when YOU do it? You entitled stupid fuck. Don't play God if you are not showing mercy. The book I wrote said to preserve all people including the evil. That means don't kill anybody, fucking stupid loser.

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I don't care about your shit book. At least when you tried to disprove the Riemann Hypothesis you were amusing.

By the way, I am not pretending to be God, I am just trying to make his job easier.

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I was never trying to do that, you don't understand what I am doing. It's called 4D Chess, haven't you heard of it?

I am the one who invented math so of course I have to try to do things wrong.

I know what you are doing.

I am the smartest of all-time.

He doesn't need you to make His job "easier" He needs you to be a good person.

So, be careful, and be a good person.

That includes not killing.

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And my book is wayyyyy better than anything you've written for the record.

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Weak. There's a reason you are just some random crazy person shitposting and have no real influence in the world.

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Are you important? I seem to have a strong influence over you.

I have more fans on social media than you do, almost definitely.

I have written the book of Revelation too, which has more readers than your books.

Not only that but I can trigger you for some reason as if you care about "losers on the internet."

You seem pathetic to be talking to me but then pretending like I have no value.

Is this how you spend your free time talking to crazy people on the internet? That's more pathetic than being a "crazy person" on the internet.

I'm also not schizophrenic I really did write the book you just can't prove it because you are super dumb.

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Now stop being a bully on the internet and get a life and don't ever come to 4chan again. Thanks.

Cowardly cyberbully!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You are really acting like a major evil, hopefully it's just an act.

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>reddit spacing
>obviously trolling >>10576371

congratulations /sci/ you took the fucking bait.

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The other guy is clearly an obsessed fuckhead who thinks he understands me but he knows nothing about me. We know how you get knowledge so we've obviously considered it all, we are steps ahead of you, not the other way around.

God is watching you all.

You don't understand.

Your skulls are too fucking thick to get it.

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Natural selection

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This disrespect towards me is why my celestial gf is leaking US info to other countries.

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Stop ruining everybody's reputation you stupid fucks. The Truth
always wins
I know the Truth, none of you do as far as I know unless you agree with my point of view.

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Fucking bull shit.
Hopefully you didn't actually mean this you're a useless fuck if you did mean it.

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Interesting how people can recognize the negative mental effects of lack of opportunity but only when it comes to white males

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Anybody who looks at this issue (or any issue like it) and says that nothing should be done, that it's a good thing, natural selection or who cares is just another pseud who wants to pass off their unwillingness (or lets be honest, total inability) to help as some form of intellectual superiority or detached coolness so they can try and cash in on being useless.

>they hated him because he told the truth

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A lot of suicides are committed by veterans. Stop traumatising your young folks.

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They hate people who tell the Truth, but they also hate liars.

They just hate those who tell the Truth even more.

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I never realized alzheimer's disease was fatal. I thought you just degenerated until you couldn't take care of yourself and you die from something else.

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No, it degenerates parts of your brain that are important for life as well.

Used to look after a dude with late stage Alzheimer's, fucking loved that guy. Literally the nicest, most polite man you will ever meet but totally fucking oblivious. I miss him.

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volenti non fit iniuria

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no it's a terminal illness, but many become completely unable to do day-to-day tasks and often their nutrition suffers, leaving them open to a lot of problems, especially if they're on their own

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Suicide removes undesirable members from the social order, maintaining social homogeneity, saving resources for desirable members.

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Where can I find your book?

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I'm sure we can expect some of those to switch to murders soon.

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Not feeling very good inc.

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Caesarean section causes lifelong intestinal dysbiosis, which leads to chronical depression

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It's in the bible.
0 IQ detected.

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No u

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Wow great counter-argument. Not.

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People who are depressed voluntarily isolate themselves. For most of human history that meant certain death. Suicide is just an extension of that.
Self loathing, feeling you are not of value, that you're a burden, etc. are hallmarks of depression. Suicide is just putting those feelings into action.
Removing unwanted members of society would have been healthy hunter gatherers.

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Because we have no community. Nobody cares about each other, its all just this illusion of unity and virtue that we put on for the sake of the nation. You're damned to die alone working for someone you don't care about producing for people who'd never respect you just for the sake of perpetuated your shitty life and you can wake up tomorrow and do it all again.

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Newfag detected

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are you Borat or something

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