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1 minute in, this guys starts talking about Oscar Pistorius. I'm no expert, but I believe he is talking bullshit when he starts quoting his knowledge of "basic physics" to explain why Oscar Pistorius actually had a disadvantage because of his springs. Can someone who actually knows about physics clarify this.

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So is this guy like a gayer, less bald Joe Rogan? Didn't click btw cos I don't care

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Well he claims evolutionary biology justifies his claim that males and females are not attracted biologically to specific body types/shapes/sizes

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You're right, he doesn't know what he's talking about. One obvious advantage is the lower mass of the spring prosthetics vs human legs, taking less energy to maintain velocity.

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Nobody has an advantage over anyone else. Legs are just legs man. I mean why even hold races... what are you trying to prove? Even if you were somehow "faster" than someone else when would that ever be important. Probably you only care because your "third leg" is very small.....

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They are not legs, they are made of carbon fibre

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How very petty to care about something like that. Who hurt you?

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There is obviously a huge difference between legs made of carbon fibre and legs made of bones and flesh. The whole point of a race is to find out who is fastest, and when you are using carbon fibre legs you might as well be on steroids

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I can’t put into words how much I hate his mindset and behavior. Absolutely disgusting.

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I do not care for Adam. I shall not watch or listen. The glasses worn by him in the thumbnail irritate me considerably. The Gregory Pecks were always my least favorite of the Oliver People's frames. They were always a poor retro attempt at P3 frame that failed miserably. Their solid frames are usually quite thin, but these are insultingly thick. Of all their frames, they are my least favorite. Fitting and well deserving that they are the most counterfeited of all of them, not to mention ironic. Ironic because they effectually copied the frames worn by Atticus Finch. The end result is a frame that has been JPEGed to no end. The Riley, the O'Malley, the Cooleridge are all better frames.

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OP is trash just for listening to joe rogan

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>retarded Rogan on /sci/
>hide thread

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>I do not care for Adam. I shall not watch or listen
this. fuck that pretentious smug dumb faggot

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holy based

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>even wearing Oliver People glasses at all

Fuck you and fuck everyone you know and ever loved

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t. assblasted warby parker wearer.

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Who says I wear them? If I wear glasses, it is generally Mykita frames.
I'm a mere observer. You can tell a lot about a person on what eyeglasses they wear.

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Adam Conovre is such a jack ass, holy fucking shit.

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>Nobody has an advantage over anyone else.
But that's wrong, anon

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Most of the power in a person's stride comes from the quads, hamstrings and glutes, all of which Oscar still has. Your calf muscles are mostly there to take the impact and keep your feet in position, which the springy cheetah blades do just fine despite not making power. What little power the lower legs do generate is probably compensated by the lessened mass of the prosthetic, which is a huge advantage because the feet and calves are moving and accelerating the most while running, thus wasting the most energy proportional to their mass (if you've ever run with normal shoes and then put on a pair of super lightweight track shoes the difference is huge, now imagine how much lighter Oscar's carbon legs are compared to flesh and bone). This will result in shorter, faster, but more efficient strides than a runner with natural legs. The mechanics of a runner's top speed are more complicated and the shorter strides might not allow him to go as fast as he would otherwise, but I think it would generally be easier to run with the prosthetics than without them.

t. runnerfag and physics undergrad

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He had less muscle mass in the legs but the Taurus PT917 9mm pistol certainly more than made up for any hindrance he had getting through that door

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>if you've ever run with normal shoes and then put on a pair of super lightweight track shoes the difference is huge, now imagine how much lighter Oscar's carbon legs are compared to flesh and bone
Track shoes are also more flexible than normal shoes, but then again, so are his blades!

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That's the joke, anon.

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>Listening to Joe Rogan
>Asking whether this numale trash knows what he's talking about

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