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She's giving a talk at my school (Berkeley) soon

What should I ask her, /sci/?

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Would she rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck

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"Would you plz be my waifu?"

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I'll send you $20 in litecoin if you do this and get it on camera

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Ask her why niggers are 13% of the population but account for 50% of the crime

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Ask her why she swaggerjacked the gay guy on her team

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ask her to quantify her contribution to the black hole pic

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i'd chip in $20 too. but real money, not memechain

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ask her why, on average, females are less intelligent than males.

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are they tho? they score better on most academic standardized tests, do better on average throughout elementary-high school, and are more often admitted to undergrad studies, and do better in undergrad statistically.
>t. male postdoc with no female colleagues, for some reason

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They’re just really good at making flashcards

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First two can be explained by faster development experienced by girls. Second two can be explained by girls going into brainlet-tier topics like psych and biology. Just look at the iq distributions of males and females and you'll have everything you need to know.

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>What should I ask her, /sci/?

Whatever you want.

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but not intelligence tests. women score higher in conscientiousness, do better in tests w/ preparation. I think differences is variance prob. bigger than mean for genders

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i thought the consensus of IQ "scientists" was that the average male and female IQs were equal and that women just have a smaller variance. right?

in any case i think IQ is a crappy-enough "measurement" that whatever they say is not nearly as reliable as academic attainment statistics.

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idk man, whatever helps you sleep at night.

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You. You're the same buttmad female who posts in all these threads. Tits or gtfo.

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Why would you wanna see her tits?
She's probably hideous like most women in science.

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most classes and tests aren’t as g loaded as iq tests, and women are notably absent at the highest levels of science math where g correlation is extremely high. they are literally built for hs and undergrad and midlevel work in lower stress professional fields. you can game biology, chem, software, engineering really hard for a while when you’re in your undergrad years if you have no sense of self and decent working memory

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ask her what her feet smell like

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Ask her how she feels about her pussy being put on a pedestal?

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i'm straight up a white straight dude. sorry to deflate your bubble. anyhow my two posts:
were both meant to be somewhat ironic. honestly i think psychologists and doctors who administer frankenstein treatments to mutilate genitals and manipulate hormones are basically all dr. frankenstein, and the psychologists who masterminded that idea and also IQ are complete pseuds. soft scientists should be banned from making medical recommendations. and sorry, this means i disapprove of treating fictional "ADD" and "depression" too; it's all unsupported empirically. doctors should learn to make people deal with actual life instead of offering expensive treatments that are often just the equivalent of prescribing opioids for getting physically abused by life.

granted i have no background in the subject except for experiencing "depression" myself, but i think the current paradigm is more a product of doctors and pharma companies trying to cure existential problems with their own highly-profitable "treatments", which is despicable, and more reminiscent of 1984 than i am comfortable with. i think psychology/psychiatry is deeply flawed, currently, and basically the only solution at this point is to take on the pharma companies politically and to reform the "science" they do via things like aspredicted.org

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what is this fucking flashcard meme

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Oh gee, I would GUI her black holes.

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>How many times have you gotten your hole blacked?

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yes excellent question

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Is the real picture of a black hole an image of the undisguised body of the person who flings the most shit at my intellect? I remember it seemed like there was a meme for a while a few years ago, "She doesn't like it when you take her picture."

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Flashcards is the best way to rapidly memorize large amounts of info. Cuts your cards in deck by topic, and when go through them put them on the back flush if you get them right but then put them sideways if you get them wrong. Count how many you got wrong, and write in on the cover card of the deck, then go through the sideways cards until you get them right. As you go on, you will see by the cover cards which decks are your problem decks, and you should work on them more.

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>t. bio major

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Why do brainlets love asking variations of this question?

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females can memorize but not think
aka not intellingent

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physics. I did this for the physics GRE subject test and I got a super good score. If I had made a classical optics deck, then I would have gotten over 900 for sure. Oh well.


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why is she so cute and aryan and how did she manage to d every part of the project

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nope. i call larp

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what the fuck she looks like a litreral goblin

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shut up racist cuck

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do you regret referring to the blackhole pic as an "image I made" on your Facebook page?

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they are not, it's well proven m8

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fake news. she didn't say that.

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>fake news. she didn't say that.

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Ask her how she feels that people combed the staff for any cute female to celebrate that had any contribution to this and blew her up.

If she were 65 years old or fat this would not have happened. Ask her how it feels to be used in this way

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well whatever, she publicly said it was a collaboration effort after that. sometimes people say dumb shit online. whatever. i don't think bouman tried to take that much credit for herself; the "bouman was solely responsible" meme was created by soclal media femiretards, not bouman

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it's shopped

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but she did

and her father teased it days before, saying she was going to have a very big announcement. "Katie", not the universities, groups, team leaders, just her.

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>she didn't say that, that's fake news, that would be horrible
>yes she did, here is proof
>oh well that's ok then

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>after that
a day later, after it had blown up and people were pissed.
then Chael had to issue his masterpiece humble-brag and buddy-slapdown.

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goddamn you /sci/.

even if she was a total narcissistic bitch, i still don't think she's worth being the target here. even if she did try to take credit all for herself, then it is the fault of whoever memed that into relevancy for making that a relevant meme. i'm sure most CS grad students don't have that many followers. it was the retarded feminazi social media sphere with zero science chops who misinterpreted that into a meme.

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easy nature likes to keep females safe because of their importance in reproduction and nature likes to experiment with males. this experimentation of males let to high IQ's in males.

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i’m not trying to defend her, i’m just saying that the bullshit narrative of the story that centers on her and negates the rest of the collaboration was a product of retard feminist social media, not her in particular

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Typical kikery

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Sorry guys but even the official MIT twitter admits they overstated her position and that they didn't even use her alogrithm.

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everyone agrees on that already, einstein. we all read the New York Times story about it sleazy. you posting that is evidence that you’re one of those troglodytes who gets all their media from retarddit

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>no one responded calling out their blatant misogyny

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everyone agrees on that already, einstein. we all read the New York Times story about it already. you posting that is evidence that you’re one of those troglodytes who gets all their media from retarddit

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The tests which came to that conclusion used children in the age group of 11 or so, when girls are undergoing puberty and boys are not. Despite the already biased subject, it still had to use really contrived experimental methods to get the grant-friendly result.

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Just because she didn't do anything and they didn't use her algorithm and claimed credit does not mean she's not a great role model for women in STEM

it's the best a woman can hope to achieve, unironically

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Serious question: which specialties of physics give the most valued to GRE scores. I'd assume cosmology doesn't really care, for example.

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what say you to pic related?

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What's her name?
Also, R9K BTFO

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sau lan wu, from UWisc

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Its a bell curve. And chinese men and women are the same.

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ask her to describe what her hoohaa smells like. you won't.

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Ask her to show her bobs

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she got that troll in central park look

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I'd ask her why do we have so many threads about her in /sci/ and how would she stop /pol/tards from leaving their containment board.

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don’t t forget vegana

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ADD/ADHD is not "unsupported empirically", it's firmly grounded in neurobiological realities like a permanent deficit of dopamine produced by a faulty brain, and thereby classified as a neurobiological disorder.

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>What should I ask her, /sci/?

ask her if they've solved the galactic rotation problem yet.

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it's actually a misleading question. It's mostly black men.

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>Ask her how she feels that people combed the staff for any cute female to celebrate that had any contribution to this and blew her up.
>If she were 65 years old or fat this would not have happened. Ask her how it feels to be used in this way
oh god this

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>it's actually a misleading question. It's mostly black men.
95% of violent crime against strangers is caused by men

men are the problem, literally

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Wow what a qt :3

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honestly she deserves the hate after saying that.

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>Tits or gtfo.
Not how it works, newfriend.
If the poster id's herself as female and it has nothing to do with the subject, then she's looking for attention and you may invoke TITS OR GTFO.
If she says she's female and it is germane to the thread subject, then no TITS OR GTFO.
If you're guessing at her being female, it ain't nothing.

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it was absolutely the media's fault for blowing it up, all aspects of the media - there aren't enough feminazis to accomplish what happened.
Bouman would post on FB like that again, I'm sure. Lesson learned, no doubt.

>Chael had to issue his masterpiece humble-brag and buddy-slapdown
pic related

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>combed the staff
>she's first author on the paper describing the algorithm that made the image
Stay sweaty, buddy.

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>>she's first author on the paper describing the algorithm that made the image

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Ask her if you can smell her braaaps op.

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Tits or gtfo

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>>she's first author on the paper describing the algorithm that made the image


Sorry guys but even the official MIT twitter admits they overstated her position and that they didn't even use her alogrithm.

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based oldfriend wisdom poster

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Ask her what she saw in her Asian husband.

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he can probably do some of the things she says she can do

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Dude's rich and smart.
She made her FB semi-private now so I can't show you his profile.

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Ask her how to make black holes.

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>my school (Berkeley)


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>i'm straight up a white straight dude.
Goon faggots like this are why we have to post gore. As long as we play by the rules of s o y, s o y will never, ever leave us in peace.

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Ask why did she allow me media to give her credit for the work of 200 people.

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If centaurs wore pants would they wear them on the front two legs or all four legs?

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Ask her how much GR she and her immediate teammates know. You can phrase it as a "I'm a dumb cs brainlet who wants to do what you're doing but I've never heard the word 'manifold' before" if you want, but if you have balls you should be real confrontational about it. Something along the lines of "have you even gone through half of MTW? are you honestly an expert in GR and black holes?"

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Shit up! Everyone knows that girls have girl brains.

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Application of violence is a man's responsibility, it only makes sense. I bet 95% of mind games are played by women. You see, a man must win a fight to successfully breed, whereas a woman needs only to lose a fight to get pregnant. For millions of years, the animal we grew from has been like that. We're like that still today. It has resulted in a large psychological difference between the sexes, and it's why if you want to lose, you appoint a woman to be your leader.

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Ask her if she truly intends to have mixed-race children, and if so, how her grandparents feel about it

>> No.10565710

IQ is maybe the most useful value in all of psychology.

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Tell her this:
"If you show me your black hole, I will show you me big bang."

>> No.10565734

Tell her this:
"If you show me your black hole, I will show you my big bang."

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Stop eating my dog.

>> No.10565840

why did she take the credit for the black hole

>> No.10565841

That's not a real female

>> No.10565903

Can she show us pictures of her pink hole

>> No.10565906

and “utility” is the most valuable quantity in philosophy and economics; doesn’t mean it’s real, or for that matter actually not totally flawed

>> No.10565921

Emmy Noether is a better role model

>> No.10565948

>it's the best a woman can hope to achieve, unironically

Fucking kek. I guess all the femalephysics professors in my universities achieved less than her. I totally agree with you.

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I'll give another $20 in LINK

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this OP pls

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you shouldnt use weapons you should useee your body, fagpot i would fuckin kill you

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>it's the best a woman can hope to achieve, unironically

>> No.10566039

Incel spotted.

>> No.10566072

>not getting the irony

>> No.10566073

Psychology as a field is extremely pseudoscientific but there is strong proof for depression. Search ketamine blocking bursting in lateral habenula. Extremely strong evidence.

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Show bobs and vagene

>> No.10566381

ask her what its like to have jews who work at the school ambushing men who were simply in the same room as you claiming they were going to rape you simply because they have a audio recording that was cropped of you saying no AFTER teasing them and flirting with them and you leaning in for a kiss...

all so you can get credit for something you did minimal work on according to the documentation on github because jews are that insecure...

also how does it feel to know that only 2 white men were desperate enough to give you the time of day when you throw yourself at them and none of the minorities fell for it. that asian guy didnt give a fuck about your stale jew pussy and he was the target because jews want to be considered smarter than every one else. its why we arent allowed to throw out special relativity despite the fact consumer electronics work when 2 people are in a room walking in different directions (smart phones have cameras for faggots who think the observer has to be a machine for it to count). we have technology thats even better nobody has ever proven special relativity despite the fact we can measure current flowing in a circuit for the jews that will be anal about specialrelativitys alleged functionality. we have remote functionality as well. when does it work jews? is a smart phone monitoring another smart phone who is monitoring a third smart phone all being held by 3 people walking around each other which one dies? answer me you fucking hag!!!

or something about how she has a big nose and looks like a muppet

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anon you need socratica in your life

>> No.10566469

Been there, tried that. Doesn't work. Move your ass and study, you fucking zoomer.

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That's not the publication describing the algorithm you gimp.

>> No.10566565

Ask if they used her algorithm and watch her shnobel squirm.

>> No.10566572

>they didn't even use her alogrithm.
[citation needed]

>> No.10566597

It works for the PGRE. There are all kinds of trivia items on it that you can memorize - astrophysics, famous experiments, atomic and solid state physics, obscure optics and waves stuff, and so on

>> No.10566649

The algorithm was the one made by Mareki (based Japanese man) you fucking brainlet

>> No.10566660

[not a citation]

>> No.10566677

She is running with it and totally living it up at the expense of the team who actually contributed the most to the image generation. What she is doing in response to the media is morally wrong.

>> No.10566685

IQ predicts hard outcomes better than anything else in psychology and is so good at predicting outcomes for large cohorts that only an idiot would say it's totally flawed.

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you know what you have to do

>> No.10566719

you could not read the twitter feed where they admitted they did not use her algorithm? it's only a 7 tweet chain, you can do it!

>> No.10566948

"Are you aware that you ware given finding that is amazing but was found by machine learning than show you "randomly" on monitor for you to discover, because we can't publicly admit that machines are better than us if designed well?

>> No.10567045

>do you wanna overthrow the patriarchy?
>Why did you say you were the only one behind the picture you selfish whore?

>> No.10567153

what a QT

>> No.10567202

Does she think the goyim know?

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>> No.10567615

ask her whether discrimination against male candidates got her that caltech position

>> No.10567729


>> No.10567893

Yes, Caltech. California Institute of Technology. The place where she was hired as an assistant professor.

>> No.10567900


>> No.10567915

I have no idea what you are talking about. I think you're just a hater masking as a pseud

>> No.10567935

I think you nailed it. I've been thinking about the same things myself. I know people who claim psychiatry helped them but it's always from high functioning people to begin with. For everyone else it looks exactly like a scam. I think the goals of psychiatry are to keep people from imploding or exploding due to the state of the modern world. Drugs are good for this while taking more from the victims.

>> No.10568059

>I know people who claim psychiatry helped them but it's always from high functioning people to begin with. For everyone else it looks exactly like a scam.
just the opposite, if you are truly bipolar lithium is magic and will let you lead a normal life

if you are meme depressed prozac and benzos and adderall will just make you a junkie and ruin you

>> No.10568074

This pic reminds me of the man who got the tattoo on his shoulder, who I though I saw in jail recently.

>> No.10568082

wow, shilling for the true NPC-inducing chemical

>> No.10568125

Don't ask her anything. Congratulate her on being a woman like you ought to.

>> No.10568137

How the fuck would an SSRI make you a junkie??

>> No.10568184

well she's giving me head right now so fuck off beta

>> No.10568358

LMAO I swear someone keeps slightly and seamlessly shopping and inflating the nose ever so slightly each time this picture is uploaded to the web so we don't notice. Compare with the earlier 4chan post.

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Ask her for the black hole in her ass

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she's giving a talk at berkeley? i should try to go to that, sounds cool.
berkbros wya

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>> No.10568963

Of course it's gonna be (((Berkeley)))

>> No.10568969

Ask her to tuck me in at night and pet my head and tell me everything will be okay

>> No.10569006

Shame she's not coming to my school (oxford)

>> No.10569022

>There has been a lot of debate about the media not portraying your work correctly, could you clarify exactly what your contributions to the project were?

>> No.10569058


>> No.10569202

I honestly fucking hate women.

I want to jam my cock through the back of her throat until I see the whites of her eyes open in fear as the realization that she might actually suffocate starts to set in. I’ll give her a moments reprieve to breathe and go for another round over and over until she’s on the verge of unconsciousness. Fucking stupid whore. She knows it. She knows she’ll never amount to anything more than a slab of meat to be used up until she’s nothing but a husk of a slut ready to die of a meth overdose from years of being a shallow dumb cunt.

Fuck her. I want a train run on all her holes, ears and nose included for days on end until she aches all over and can do nothing but shit out her liquid diarrhea from her gaped asshole. The diarrhea being nothing but her consistent diet of being force fed cum all day. Stupid bitch. I hate whores. I hate these fucking sluts that think they’re better than me because they were born looking a certain way. Fucking cunt I hope thirty niggers beat her till she cries and then rape her. If I were the judge will let them off scot free even with video evidence, then release the video on the internet for all to see so she can never escape the shame and humiliation she deserves. Fuck her and fuck women. If she were drowning and reached onto my boogie board for help I’d stomp on her stupid slut hand and spit in the water so there’s more liquid to take in.

Why do these cunts think they deserve anything in life when all they contribute to society is their used up Arby’s pussy? Fuck I hate them. Bunch of dumb bitches everywhere you go. They have no respect for guys that don’t have a perfect physique so why should I respect them? I’m glad they’re all going to end up old and alone, knowing they’ll never accomplish anything of worth in life. Crying on their deathbed at the thought of having lived a vapid life of being a stupid prostitute. Fucking stupid bitches. Dumb sluts, the lot of them. Fuck whores.

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>Elon does nothing but act as figurehead and financier
>regularly fucks over his employees who actually do all the work and just shitposts on Twitter

>Katie leads team and just smiles for a picture, media jerks off over it
>literally has Ph.D in electrical engineering and CS from MIT

>> No.10569311


>> No.10569355

>leads team


Sorry guys but even the official MIT twitter admits they overstated her position and that they didn't even use her alogrithm.

>> No.10569462

Ask if she likes anal

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>> No.10569613

Females are incredibly obedient. If the world gives them a path, they walk it.

>> No.10569848

W-would you go on a date with me!?

>> No.10569872


>> No.10569894

Is race a social construct? If not, then how do you explain the differences in mean IQ scores?

>> No.10569906

that picture is fucking untouched, i just spent a good while in photoshop messing with her face until i googled it and found out the picture is exactly the same

why does she look like a literal rat

>> No.10570070

>drinking the Ivy kool-aid
STEM at berkeley is easily the best in the world. Not even a contest.

>> No.10570129

I also go to Berkeley. When is she visiting?

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>> No.10570186

I want to see her called out for the "I made" on the facebook picture. All the media bullshit is at least partly because of that. On top of just ignoring the contribution of her coworkers

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stand up, make sure she gets a good look at your forehead and cranial vault. ask her if you have the PHENOTYPE ashkenazi women CRAVE. if she's says yes, go and fuggg her. if she says no, you do not have the PHENOTYPE ashkenazi women CRAVE and therefore should drop out of school and become a menial laborer.

>> No.10571159

"does jerking off to traps make me gay?"

>> No.10571169

ask what her estimated time would be until we can get a detailed photo, 5 years? 10 years? Use the hubble and new horizons pluto pics as an example

>> No.10571252

meds, get back on 'em bro

>> No.10571287

Did some cute jewish girl cucked you? Because your post come off as elliot roger level retard cringe.

>> No.10571386

>salty he couldn't get into caltech
stay mad. even MIT beats the crap out of you, since they let students test out of as many courses as possible, thus allowing them to take graduate level courses much quicker.

>> No.10572416

95% of crime is committed by men in all races.

>> No.10572438

Ask her how did she did it succesfully only by herself?

>> No.10572485
File: 604 KB, 670x662, hacker.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Ask her how did she did it succesfully only by herself?

>> No.10572809

>Ask her how did she did it succesfully only by herself?
she only said that on facebook

>> No.10572881

100$ in BTC from me.

>> No.10573419
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i actually did get cucked by a cute jewish girl once but it's totally unrelated to my PHENOTYPE meming, i assure you

>> No.10573495
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this post -> 5edgy3me
[/spoiler] nice copy pasta [/spoiler]

>> No.10573552

No at even close to the same rate Schlomo

>> No.10573675

>She's giving a talk at my school (Berkeley) soon
when I might actually show up?
is just for students or open to the public?

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