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In here we post and vent about our rejections from that undergrad or postgrad at that uni, or that job you were really hoping to get.

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I didn't get any post docs!! Why God!? Why didn't I just study EE like a good boy, why'd I do theoretical physics?! Now I have to work at a jack in the box until chain link moons!

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ITT: socially awkward autismos who couldn't land a contract before graduation
Getting paid to study feels awesome, guys!

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>tfw no postdoc
Dunno if something is gonna manifest last-minute, they sometimes do. But consider that you might have dodged a bullet. Academia is pretty fucked up at this point in history.

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>Inb4 Racism

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I really wish that I had gotten that security guard job at that gated community back in 2008. Then I would’ve been able to help my mother pay the rent for our apartment. And we wouldn’t have lost our apartment.

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It technically wasn't a rejection cause I didn't apply (Def would have been if I applied due to shit GCSEs), but I seethed/insecure about Oxbridge for YEARS. I went to a shit school so never met a single person who could have applied yet alone get in, and therefore had no idea if Oxbridge students were unmatched geniuses or barely above average private schooled shits.

And then 1 day I was talking to my best friend/usual study partner about applying for post-grad. He's very easily one of the best here, although I've done better overall and would definitely consider myself stronger.

Anyway he said it was shit he applied and didn't want to go anyway, obviously assumed it was reject cope. Nope, he got accepted, met his offer and turned them down. All the insecurity instantly vanished and I wondered what I wasted time worrying about.

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>tfw phd in astronomy

Born too early to explore the universe.
Too late to explore the earth.
Just in time to shitpost and kys

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OP here. I just got rejected from Manchester for Aerospace. I did however get accepted at Edinburgh for Electromech.

I'm sad but I may have dodged a bullet idk.

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Not too on-topic but my gf just got into a paid PhD program paid by some company and I know I'm supposed to be happy for her but I can't help to be jealous. Wtf, I'm already in my own paid PhD program, why am I jealous? We're not even in the same field! What the hell is wrong with me?

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what happened since then?

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