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Who has made the greatest single discovery in the history of Science? Would you say it was Darwin or Newton?

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i hope this is fucking bait
there's no way normoids are claiming she discovered black holes, they can't be THAT retarded

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>Newton or Darwin

Katie Bouman.

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You underestimate the stupidity of leftists

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The guy who invented fire

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when you assume you make an ASS out of U and ME

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>invented fire

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I use that guy as an example when I try to point out why patents are bad. What if we had a proper court system back then and he patented fire?

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whoever the guy who invented/discovered math

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>This girl ALONE discovered the blackhole

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Some Sumerian guy most likely

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If it can be a duo: Claude Shannon and Alan Turing

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Rephrase that to "what was the greatest single discovery in the history of science?"! That's super hard to answer.

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>Who has made the greatest single discovery in the history of Science? Would you say it was Darwin or Newton?


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When SJWs think they can gas light 4chan.

When 4chan is full of redditors now and they actually can.

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>dat nose

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lol she was looking at her anus in this pic

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Turing the possible pedo?

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why do you guys always post shooped versions?

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That phenotype makes the pp hard

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Ask her how she feels that people combed the staff for any cute female to celebrate that had any contribution to this and blew her up.

If she were 65 years old or fat this would not have happened. Ask her how it feels to be used in this way

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Louis Pasteur

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Nothing suggests Turing was a pedo, he was charged with gross indecency for having a homosexual relationship, dumb fuck.

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I was the one who invented math.

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probably the first one as without it we would never have progressed

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First guy(s) to figure out how to make fire. First guy(s) that figured out how to predict the natural world using symbols.

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Claude E Shannon has changed every field of science, every aspect of modern life, and revolutionized our understanding of the universe, all with a single paper.

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>greatest single discovery in the history of Science?

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not darwin
copernicus or kepler

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As we're talking, I think Alan Turing did great job for modern science.

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he was a pedo tho desu

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>Nothing suggests Turing was a pedo, he was charged with gross indecency for having a homosexual relationship
If by "homosexual relationship" you mean railing a youth of 18-19 repeatedly in the anus then yes that was the charge. However consider that he was a well-connected quasi-war-hero with a security clearance in a nation known for pedo coverups, and the official story becomes more than a little suspect.

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Have you considered fact, there could be just some incident to erase Turing's public image, because he doesn't accepted the fate of his invention given by the goverment, and he could do nothing about it so he shot himself?

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>youth of 18-19
Ah, so a legal adult. Got it.

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>Turing the possible pedo?
Why do you say that like it's a bad thing?

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Lmao are you my dad? I didn't think there's another soul in the world besides him who cares about taxonomy

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Whoever built the first electric battery

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Volta did iirc
The fact that you can't even remember his name is an auto DQ

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I'm gonna say Galileo, since the guy started the whole experimental sciences thing. Or maybe Alexander Flemming, but his discovery of antibiotics was mainly accidental so idk if he counts really

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The guy who invented electricity

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The greatest single discovery is that you can write shit down and read it later. Everyone else just built off that.

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That ain't science tho

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When right wing nut jobs stop denying climate change and evolution you can come and talk.

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Darwin AND Einstein.

they both literally created a new science AND a new way of seeing our universe.

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they didn't even know each other

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She not only discovered them. She invented the concept, then later proved it to exist in reality by creating an algorithm to image them. Pretty cool stuff.

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Bell's no-go theorem is probably the most fundamental and important discovery made by science, in terms of understanding the nature of the physical world and not mere practical breakthroughs

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Sorry, what?

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Jesus Christ, look at that nose.

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Anything jewush:^)

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The man who will uncover the extent of human stupidity will have discovered the greatest thing of all

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Knowledge of forces is obviously more useful than knowledge of evolution, if that's what you mean.

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Calculus is more foundational/important than whatever Euler developed. Euler probably isn't even as prolific as Newton and that's saying something.

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>Vast majority of hunters male
>Would cover the most ground and gather most food
>Far more likely to encounter wildfires or even lightning strikes
Not exactly a dumb assumption

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Thales, who first developed the scientific method

>Euler probably wasn't as prolific as Newton
Euler is known to be the most prolific writer of mathematics ever. Even with monthly publications his complete work was only published many decades after his death.

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Yea ure right his name was James Watt

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Do you think /sci/ will still be assblasted by Bouman a year from now?

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for me it's Kropotkin

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Probably Leibniz or Gödel. Or Cantor.

(Or maybe Shannon that some people mentioned, I still haven't study Information Theory.)

If we are not including mathematics/philosophy, as only Science it self, probably Archimedes/Galileu/Newton.

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Anaximander believed that life began in the sea, and that by some type of adaptation to the environment, animals evolved into what they are today. He believed that the human species must have been born out of other animals, because we are far too vulnerable and reliant during infancy, and we could not have survived otherwise.

Empedocles also dealt with the first origin of plants and animals, and with the physiology of humans. As the elements entered into combinations, there appeared strange results—heads without necks, arms without shoulders. Then as these fragmentary structures met, there were seen horned heads on human bodies, bodies of oxen with human heads, and figures of double sex. But most of these products of natural forces disappeared as suddenly as they arose; only in those rare cases where the parts were found to be adapted to each other did the complex structures last. Thus the organic universe sprang from spontaneous aggregations that suited each other as if this had been intended. Soon various influences reduced creatures of double sex to a male and a female, and the world was replenished with organic life.

Lucretius also argued in favor of a theory of evolution. Lucretius laid out his evolutionary theory in his poem titled On the Nature of Things. He followed his predecessors by claiming that the earth gave birth to its creatures through a combination of elements. For Lucretius, the force that is responsible for life’s creations is chance.

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Definitely one of the most underrated. Information Theory has found its way into pretty much every serious field of scientific inquiry. Its a paradigm shift that we are still in the middle of.

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