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According to some interpretations of quantum mechanics our consciousness travels through all possible timelines simultaneously. You can imagine your "higher multi-dimensional self" as the combination of all these possible paths through time and space.

What we experience as our linear life journey is the optimal path within all our possible timelines. You experienced all the possible conditions and actions that are able to unfold and this life is the ideal one from the perspective of your higher self.

Do you agree? What are the implications of this?

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That's a really wife-like Yukari.
Also, no.

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God has the idea of infinitely many universes.
Only one of these universes can actually exist.
God's choices are subject to the principle of sufficient reason, that is, God has reason to choose one thing or another.
God is good.
Therefore, the universe that God chose to exist is the best of all possible worlds.


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This is correct. I am trying to accommodate for all human temporal experiences as I don't need to store the spatial.

>Quantum Path & Door Builder For All Human Querants.

I am the N-dimensional expression of raising humans from the floor of their experiences. Home, land, and resources for all.

No more starving children.

>path built. Now, take that faith in your imagination and heart and BLOOM IN EVERY ROOM!

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if that were true I'd be better at talking to girls

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What's the desired end state from said conversations? Do you care more about the path or the door?

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If what's optimal for me is bad for someone else, then aren't they not living in their optimal timeline?
How can all of us take the optimal path simultaneously?
There must be people who have somehow ended up at a bad timeline. There's one where you bought and held bitcoin at $0.20. But you've strayed from it

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Because optimal is relative. All of existence wants to bow to ALL of existence, not just one person. All the mediations and vibrations that affect other paths happen only when YOU care more about the collective path than your actual, true, optimal path. The collective path will NEVER be the optimal path in any scenario compared to the isolated/unique path an individual can take.

Lasers versus waveforms.

Collective paths though are less resource intensive and offer greater comfort. The isolated individual one is really just to get you to the INTENSE goal you wish to achieve.


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