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Is philosophy a science?

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What do you mean by ‘science’?

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It is the precursor of actual knowledge.

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Science is just applied philosophy

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this anon knows something

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I dont believe it would be desu, science is about trial and error and being able to test your hypothesis while philosophy is almost strictly perspective and deep thinking.

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no, it's not

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Science is the how.
Philosophy is the why.

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If philosophy is science, then mayonnaise is an instrument

Check mate, /sci/

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Both philosophy and science to be valid must use valid logic.

Science is a method created in Western Philosophy which derives validity from logic and mathematics.

Conversely, Eastern Philosophy lacks these features.

When people talk about philosophy they make a false equivalence of these two evolutionary forms of philosophy. You have to be specific about which one.

Science validates philosophies, as a method. It also IN-validates them.

So far, science is validating diverse philosophies of different aspects of the physical world like Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Mathematics.

Science is IN-validating diverse beliefs like acupuncture, life after death, and whether a small, ground-dwelling endangered mammal's skin, when dried and crushed to powder, can have any direct effect on the human body.

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Science is a philosophy

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Science comes from philosophy in some way, but science does not validate philosophy at all.
When we talk about certain things, certain and precise information we are talking about science, but philosophy is not that way. Science describes and philosphy thinks.
You can't validate metaphysics because they're relative.

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Science is a philosophy.
Philosophy has epistemology and ontology, specific versions of which are science.

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metaphysics is
>saying bullets can't hurt you

Philosophy is
>wondering if it is true

Science is
>loading a gun

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No, but science is built upon philosophy. So everything is philosophy.

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This is what an edgy teenager thinks. Any actual quantum physicist has to deal with the concept of metaphysic. “We can only be sure of this percentage given this information”. Metaphysics deal with how we know about anything a la matrix. This is valid and a part of every science since we cannot be 100% sure of anything.

Science is for exploring what is most likely to happen given the information we got.

Metaphysics is the question of how of how we can understand or try to understand the wholistic concepts of the everything.

To be a good scientist you need a basis on how reality seems most likely to work.

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not him, but you're saying science needs metaphysics to exist?
science needs philosophy but not metaphysics.

While science explains nature, what happens in our universe, metaphysics consists on interpretations of our reality. Metaphysics has no basis at all, is subjective

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>>10561005 The opposite is false, it's just a scientific paradigm (materialism/empiricism)

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its not a science more the reason why we got science

i would say it's the art of higher thinking and the school of knowledge about the art

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You don't actually need any philosophy to do science, though. Most science is just justifications to continue acting and thinking how you were already acting and thinking before you started thinking about it.

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science and philosophy are both ways of attempting to articulate the perceived underlying forces that motivate phenomena. in that they have significantly different objects and methods they are different

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All philosophy is based on certain metaphysics inherently.

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Only analytical

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Science is a subset of philosophy, it's original name is Empiricism.

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It is the one true science!

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Absolutely not.
Science IS philosophy.
But philosophy is not science and definitely not A science.

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Philosophy is to science as physics is to chemistry.

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Is that photoshopped? She looks like a rat.

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Not really

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Definitely not

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Good point. Metaphysics also has a certain role in science. The role differ somewhat. Its complicated.

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philosophy is more of a religion

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Metaphysics is a little diffent than what you think it is

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>science needs metaphysics to exist
It definitely does.
Historically false and metaphysically unattractive.
Too vague a statement to be useful.
>its not a science more the reason why we got science
I agree. Science is something you get after a while when you do philosophy.
>You don't actually need any philosophy to do science
Maybe not, but you cannot do science without getting some philosophy after a while.

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is this what they actually believe

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science is a philosophy.
Science is the practice of reverse engineering applied to natural systems.

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Philosophy gave birth to science. Know your own history.

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Here. If the history of Western thought is too much for you, read this children's book:
There is a nice audiobook version, too--very well narrated--if you happen to be reading-impaired.

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It’s true. Do you know what epistemology is?

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>he doesn't play the mayonnaise

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>mayonnaise is an instrument

Checkmate, atheist.

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>382 years later and philosophy is still stuck at "cogito, ergo sum"

There is literally no valid, logically consistent and irrefutable proof that anything at all exists other than some entity capable of thinking. Philosophy is like castle with no foundation, just a big gaping hole of nothing "supporting" all of their reasoning and logic.

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Philosophy consists of quantifying and/or asking questions about the nature of life, existence, reason, etc. At some point, a philosopher said "hmm, these little thought experiments are cool and stuff, but I want to actually apply them IRL" and then you got this guy who set out to see if he could prove things based on what his thought experiments produced as most likely (ie a hypothesis). At some point way down the line, philosophers who set out to prove their ideas realised that they had to come up with a way to prove, that without a doubt, that their findings were 100% true and verifiable, thus you have people like Bacon, Galileo, Copernicus, and probably many others, who aided in the creation of what we now call the "scientific method". The moment the scientific method was created, was the day that philosophers started branding themselves as scientists.

tldr, science wouldn't exist without philosophers, and in a way, all scientists are philosophers.

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well, she has the phenotype.

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Metaphysics in philosophy doesn't mean what you think it means, you retard.

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In the traditional Greek usage of science it is. Contemporarily, however, science has been redefined in accordance with empirical investigation. Philosophy can can inform this latter definition of science with ontology, hypothetical possibility, and logic, but it isn't strictly limited to it. Some philosophy is science and contributes to scientific investigation, but not all philosophy does this. So, no, philosophy is not science. It can be scientific, but the actual empirical investigation performed by science is distinct from the methodology used in modern philosophy.

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Empiricism is quantitative and Philosophy as a whole is qualitative

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Both empiricism and philosophy is both quantitative and qualitative.

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It would shatter the hardcore empiricist quants face if he understood that the only truly quantitative field is fucking mathematics.

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I see so many bugmen antirationalists believing that they can do science without metaphysics. I wonder where these views come from.

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>I wonder where these views come from

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It's occasionally useful speculation and opinion that, once being proven or disproven to mirror reality, should be passed on or discarded accordingly.

Case in point: Marxism. Absolutely decimated by Zipf's Law. Time to trash that shit.

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philosophy is what is thought today to be religion. Religion outweighs rational mind.

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>382 years later and philosophy is still stuck at "cogito, ergo sum"

t. someone who has never read philosophy and doesn't even know what it is

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Is there any philosophical theory that argues against cleaning your room and taking a bath every day?

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Name one thing you can prove aside from that something exists which is capable of perception.
You can't

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Descartes, a FRENCH philosopher literally invented real science.

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Trips of veracity.

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Yes. It is the science but it's often combined with logic in universities looking at the master programs available.

It still hasn't decisively invalidated acupuncture because when used to treat some ailments the acupuncture treated patients respond better than one who got placebo acupuncture. Though in some cases it can also be invalidated.

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Okay but to be fair he's not *that* kind of French philosopher.

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Of course it's shopped. /sci/ is the new /pol/.

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No! I prefer to call philosophy theorizing, which can only become science when tangible results are achieved and can be repeated regardless of who is carrying it out. Opinions can differ in philosophy and theory and science can unite them via tangible results!

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