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How do you extinguish a big fire like that?

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rest in piss Quasimodo

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You don't.

>As a rule of thumb, the water flow necessary to extinguish a burning structure is the volume of the structure (in feet) divided by 100. The resulting number is (in rough numbers) the amount of water you need, in gallons per minute. For a fire this size, you're looking at tens of thousands of gallons of water per minute. It's just not possible.

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How come he didn't predict it?

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Is there seriously no other way than water? Why not throw in some dry ice to suffocate the fire or something?

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Sopranos reference. Nice.

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very carefully

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some Russian woman predicted something of the sort, at least

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With bombs. You explode it. I'm not even kidding.

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shoo shoo Red Adair

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This is how old oil companies in Texas dealt with well fires. It's also how they put out some of the Kuwaiti oil wells that Saddam's retreating troops sabotaged in the Gulf War. There's an IMAX documentary on this shit, a very cool watch.

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There's no way to do is safety while preserving the rest of the structure. Ways could be invented, but it'd involve robotics and some manner to vent CO2 without it creating death traps in the surrounding area which would suffocate people.

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Why not go full Stephen King and suffocate the fire with a giant alien dome?

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You idiot, the nearest alien dome factory is on the Moon, how are the aliens supposed to helicopter the dome to Paris in time?

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Graphine nanobots running on a block chain.

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Apparently not with one firetruck missing the fire completely like the French tried today.

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but thats is only if you don't care for the building.
imagine putting explosives in the twin towers to sofocate the fire........

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That’s literally what they did

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>euros making fun of 9/11 constantly but are in tears over this

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A 700-year old iconic heritage vs barely 30-year old ugly skyscrapers. Who would've thought?

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Did any people die and are the causes of the fire known?

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1 fire fighter injury

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Thousands of lives vs dumb old building

the absolute state of euros and christianity

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>highly historically significant building full of artefacts, the foremost example of gothic architecture in the world, and a prominent symbol of civilisation itself
>an office block that is, at best, a cathedral of capital

one firefighter severely injured, no cause known yet. i don't think this just happened by accident.

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the deaths are an absolute outrage, but i thought we're talking only about the buildings here

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something that happened a decade ago vs something literally happening right now

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If it suddenly started raining would it extinguish the fire?

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It would be extremely ineffective

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You’re a big storm

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>spraying lots of water onto the roof from the ground ostensibly works
>spraying lots of water from the air -- in just as controlled a fashion -- wouldn't work because DRUMPF

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No way

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>imagine putting explosives in the twin towers
Yeah imagine that.

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thoughts & prayers

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The fires were still burning for months though.

Honestly, why is it always the most retardadly convoluted conspiracies that take ground.

Flight 93 was shot by a missile

WTC collapsed because it was a hastily built deathtrap with all the stairwells way too goddamn close together, all the walls were made of sheetrock and the floors were made of trusses which are known to be dangerous in fires. It was designed to be built fast and cheap. Literally all the staircases were in the center of the building, where the main supports were, the elevators, and they were all protected by this shit:


In fact the cheapness of the building worked in some survivors favor when they were stuck in an elevator, they opened the door and literally just smashed the walls to get out.

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How come there were no helicopters and shit?

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Who owns Notre dame de Paris? Jesus! First Hôtel Lambert and now this. I feel someone is trying to erase history!

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classic confirmation bias, you're ignoring the misses

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>cause of fire isn't revolution or violence, just degrading material and poor workmanship

I swear, when things go bad it won't be because of an asteroid strike but because we cut costs everywhere

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thousands of american* "lives".
their deaths are a net positive to the world.

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>The fires were still burning for months though.
Are you repeating the theory that 5 cubic yards of jet fuel made its way down 90 floors and into the basement that fed fires for three months?

I'm not even going to address the rest of you bullshit claims when the main architect of the towers SPECIFICALLY designed them with a stress redundancy able to withstand a plane crash and fires.

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>Are you repeating the theory that 5 cubic yards of jet fuel made its way down 90 floors and into the basement that fed fires for three months?
Not him but that theory is obviously ridiculous notwithstanding the fact that fired did indeed smoulder beneath the rubble of ground zero for a good 2 months. That wasn't jet fuel. We can only speculate. What could cause such a thing to happen? Pressure? Explosives? Microwaves?

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They blamed it on gasoline from cars parked in the underground lot and diesel from the emergency generators.
But even NIST admits this theory is a stretch, after they recovered petroleum from the underground tanks.

>This may or may not give some indication of the amount of oil still in the tanks when they were crushed. If there is evidence that the majority of diesel fuel was still in the tanks, it can be concluded that the SSB system did not discharge diesel oil as hypothesized in Section 5.6.1

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Oh, my apologies.
This section is explaining the condition of generators beneath WTC 7, but if you search for yourself the details will reflect that of the generators below WTC 1 and WTC 2.

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Find big flying water tankers and drop water from air, many such cases where this has worked.

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You remove the fuel.
Then you remove everything that isnt fuel.

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There's also that one time the soviets nuked a fire.

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>the only way to extinguish the fire is by exploding it


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Kino shot

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So why wouldn't this work /sci/? Just build a huge candle extinguisher, no need to make things overly complicated.

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Deporting muslims and sub-saharan africans.

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Please prove that “Muslims and Sub-Saharan Africans” are the cause of the fire or even related to it.

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no u

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nukular bombs

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Flying water tankers

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>import browns enmasse
>840 or so churches get vandalised in the span of 2018, more than any previous year
just a coincidence, what can I say

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Divine Cybermancy stuff right there

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-how do i cure my brain cancer?
-shoot yourself in the head

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Well, stuff don't burn so well in space so I'd say try to lift the building into space

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Alright, who let the /pol/luters out of containment?

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kek, good answer. That chap who was trying to put space in a bottle to create antigravity could probably contribute

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this is real

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How hard should it realistically be to make these things safe for use on buildings though? Just have to fly high enough and open the container doors slowly enough for it to act like very strong rain, and even if it then destroys some roof panels thats still better than letting the same tiles get exploded by the heat...

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I guess because the ones we have are made for forest fires which would have flattened the building.

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Yeah but how hard would it be to rig the doors to only open a little bit? I mean I realize they most likely just didnt have any in the area since urban paris is probably not getting many wildfires, but over the course of the operation someone should have been able to set it up and fly one over...

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I dunno. I'm just guessing from information I've gotten from the recent news.

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rara! hatefacts! /pol/! arreee gurrrgh

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yes water tankers are real

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Oh shit I am gonna need a pdf of this one

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Enclosed and injected with hundreds of pounds of CO2

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put large cup over, put in vacuum, suck, all air gone, fire deid

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My feelings exactly. Saved and thanks bro.

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you cant use water

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Who here is going to volunteer to do the sucking?

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>this image's fate is to be used for meaningless back and forth between "proof of god, cross didn't burn because magic" and "religion is dumb, wood fuel can't melt gold beams"

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Notre Dame will be rebuilt and open in 5 years. Wealthy French citizens have donated sixhundred million Euros for the restoration so far. A lot of the cathedrals prized relics have been saved including its organ. This is not the first time Notre Dame has been damaged by fire. it is also not the first time the spire got destroyed. She'll be fine.

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Despite the odds being against them the firefighters did an excellent job.

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>be fireman
>enter burnt-out Church
>fearing the worst
>see altar and Cross, unblemished, glowing, amidst the destruction
absolute Kino

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>[citation needed]

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Lives are less important than History, mate ...

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Still doesnt explain why they couldnt just open the doors slowly or just a little bit, or even just fly high enough that the water disperses enough to not be more harmful than strong rain...

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literally the 2nd post in this thread >>10560999

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The fire was going to burn all available fuel, then die out. Only way to stop this is to dump so much water you put the fire out. If you can't do this, dropping water wouldn't make any difference, you'll end up with the same damage but slightly slower.

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>Fundamental misunderstanding of Kino

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Put oil in, so it does burns faster, so we can rebuild more quickly.

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nuke it

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Bansho Fan.

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Using directed acoustic energy can prevent combustion. This methodology will be utilized in the future, though for a fire of this size it may not be effective.
Having a trucking system hauling CO2 for use by firefighters *could* be a viable option, though likely expensive to maintain.
A woven glass fiber tarp carried in tandem by helicopter to be placed over the building *could* help smother the fire.

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With a memedrive, obviously.

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I was just several weeks ago thinking how primitive our fire fighting techniques actually are. Very good question, containment no doubt, however how and what can one use to establish a perimiter in order to control refuel the fire requires and contain it. Especially in outdoor fires, say forest fires. I believe it to be possible and it will come down to technology. Some field, frequency, machines strategically placed to create fields and then introduce a management protocol of sort within the contained field! I have to think more about this.

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Nice artwork Anon.

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