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Can belief in the coopenhagen interpretation induce mental illness in the form of latent psychosis, schizophrenia or some other form of delusional belief?
Is Dr Quantum actually a shaman?

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Just use the multi-world interpretation. Nice and calming. Nothing existentially troubling there.

Except knowing that there's infinite time lines in which you never ever die, even when everything else in the universe experiences heat death.

And maybe Infinite timelines where you never die and spend your infinite lifespan experiencing pain impossible for a human to comprehend today, but you have also had your body changes just so it can experience these heightened levels of human suffering.

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Many worlds is unscientific and stupid.
>photon does a thing
>hey guys there's an entire other universe where it did a different thing
>no I don't have any evidence, just believe it

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Not existential questioning problems but rather things like "I can create reality" and "events happen because of me"

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Delusion is a relative term. Most of what people believe is delusion by my standards. But not everyone can be an ultra rational sperglord with a giant head and the balls to think for himself.

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>literally modern day god did it

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believing in perceived cause and effect which is not actuality is delusion

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can we listen? tell us

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>Is Dr Quantum actually a shaman
There are similarities between spiritual/religious leaders and cutting edge scienctists/mathematicians. They all have high cognitive complexity. They are all trying to unveil structures that haven't been seen and finds themselves needing to partially work in the realm of metaphysics.

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I don't understand why the Copenhagen interpretation bewilders people so much. It's actually a pretty good explanation and one that has been surprisingly resilient to a lot of criticism.

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Islam is resilient to criticism too.

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