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Stop posting this harlot.

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Ooga Booga! Me take credit of useless image.

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>"My worldbulding project is Hard Sci-Fi"
Is that really that common? I wasn't aware of this.

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She didn't take credit

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This, unironically

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she said "I created the first image of a black hole"

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No she didn't

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She is a Jewish liar and a fraud.

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>No she didn't
yes she did, you are lying

why lie?

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Why are you so obsessed? We have this thread thrice a day

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>her work is more important than the works of Gauss and Euler combined.

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>hey guys something happened
>no it didn't
>yes it did here's a quick screenshot
>omg why are you still talking about this? what is wrong with you, pointing out my lies and stuff...

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I don't think anyone said that and was being serious.

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I thought I would get some cool space content and ideas from r/space, but it seems like Reddit is pure and absolute cancer.

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So she said that. Im sick of seeing her face on this board. Go to the fucking archive.

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Stop being retarded. Notice how everyone in the room has a laptop? She has said everyone in the room was making their own images by fiddling with the reconstruction parameters. This is jut the first one she personally made

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How fucking new are you

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inb4 257 replies, 35 posters

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no she fucking didnt, it was the media who has portrayed her as some kind of genius who singlehandedly collected the data and produced the picture. The reality is she did about 2% of the coding. If you want to blame someone, blame them, she's done fuck all

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>Girl says she did something
>no she didn't say what she said
I think you sir, may be the one who may do well to "Stop being retarded."

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>no she fucking didnt,
yes, she did, please stop lying, it's unbecoming for you to be such a liar

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