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In this picture, why is there yellow/orange stuff around the black hole (X and Y coordinates), but not in front of it (Z coordinate)?

If the black hole pulls matter equally from all directions, then that yellow/orange stuff would form a sphere around the black hole. In that case the black hole would not be visible in the picture, because it would be inside the sphere. Instead, here it seems as if the yellow/orange stuff formed a torus around the black hole (seen as a ring in the 2D picture). How come?

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blah blah blah angular momentum blah blah 3D implies net axis blah disc!

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same reason galaxies are disc shaped, and planets orbit suns on a plane

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The orange stuff around the back hole is masses of particles that due to the high velocity they gain by orbiting the black hole, they heat up, and emit this red/yellowish color as radiation (light).

The slight change of color in the bottom and the top can be explained by the Doppler effect (electromagnetic variation). Basically what's happening is that at the top, particles accelerate away from us, so the frequency of the light they emit is lower. On the contrary, at the bottom part, particles accelerate towards us, so the frequency of their light they emit is higher.

PS. When I say higher/lower frequency, j mean that we -as observers- see a higher/lower frequency. The frequency of light that the particles radiate is only one.

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>red/yellowish color
its colorized

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