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How to strengthen my immune system?

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cold showers

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Don't shower daily. Drink expired foods. Eat days old food that's been left out in the open for few days. Go to mall and touch the rails/elevators. Eat spicy foods.

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that doesn't work if you're above 15 years of age

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By weakening the immune systems of everyone else. It's time to stop good immune system privilege!

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Have sex.

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Eat your green boogers.

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Eat a plant based diet and get more exercise.

Ditch the dairy, eggs and meat.

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Not true.

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t. meat eater

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eat dirt and play in mud, worked for me as a kid, never been sick and never had an infection

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This. I took cold showers for 3 months in a row, during the winter. Now I can't get the flu anymore.

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>get more exercise.

This is the third consecutive time I've insisted I'm going to start doing more cardio. Killed myself trying to run. And then had a cold 48 hours later.

I'm starting to disagree with this common recommendation.

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stop being a faggot

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Body needs time to adapt. Give yourself what feels most comfortable. Not "more" comfortable, MOST comfortable.

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Eat your own snot and edibles (dandelions, roses, maple seeds, etc.) from your local area. Depending on local laws hunting squirrels and local birds are also options.
Instead of showering with soap just rinse off and add scents.
Don't take medicine until an illness is severe. Folk remedies are fine though (like green bananas for diarrhea).
Clean cuts with booze and cauterize open wounds at home.
Always leave windows open.

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eat boogers. Taste pretty good, have very good and varied texture. Been doing it since I was a fetus.

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