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khan academy or serge lang basic mathematic?

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Book, easier to flip thru

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Matters where you're starting at in Khan.

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just do the problems in khan and lang only when you need to. He's an autist so don't expect important stuff to be treated in an applied or sensible way.

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>khan academy or serge lang basic mathematic?
Lang is a meme.

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starting from algebra because my foundation is shaky

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Khan is more like a refresher for stuff you've already studied in school/college, rather than a starting point. If that's all you need then you'll be fine just watching videos and doing simple exercises (which is what Khan provides). However if you never really learnt the material, e.g. if you went to a shitty school or if you slacked off and barely passed then you should work through a good book.

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what would book would you recommend ? and yes you are right about the second part,I went to a shitty school that doesnt even teach proof or at least doesnt focus that much on it and Im a slacker too.(some people dont even know what is sin and cos, they just remember the formula and remember the answer)

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Depends on whether you're learning a subject or getting better at it.
Khan is pretty good for learning and practice but sometimes has awful explanations and doesn't really delve into the logic of why some things work.

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If you are starting from zero: Khan Academy

If you have lots of holes in your algebra, high school geometry, trigonometry knowledge but can recall some stuff, then Lang

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>Khan is pretty good for learning and practice but sometimes has awful explanations and doesn't really delve into the logic of why some things work.

Would you say Serge Lang does a better job at explaining things in depth?

Nice trips btw

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Lang is the brainlet filter. Proceed how you wish.

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I can understand what he is trying to tell and I like his book but I dont know which to choose between khan or lang because my exam are in 4 months and Im planning to seal all the hole in my foundation in case the teacher try a hard one

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Math foundation series by N. J. Wildberger for theory and expii for practice are the true choices for refreshing and mastering fundamentals of Mathematics

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What do you think about AoPS’s series

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Why isn't there a fucking errata for Lang's book?

>inb4 meme

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wildberger's stuff is unironically pretty good.

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math doctor bob. Ez.

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>What do you think about AoPS’s series
You want my best advice for choosing the best source for refreshing basic maths (or almost anything for that matter)? There isnt, and if there is it would take you much longer time to find it then to actually master the material from a worse source, so stop obsessing over what to chose. Pick couple sources from what is generally recommended (expii, khan, lang, etc), spend like an hour with each, choose what you like the most and then focus on that source.
Also you then have a list of sources in which you can look for different explanations of a concept you didn't understand from your primary source.

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