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How do I make a time machine?

I knew about Bitcoin since 2011 when I was a teenager. I browsed the Bitcointalk forums and experimented with mining but for the most part, I ignored it until 2013 when its value exploded to $1,200 before going back down. I put a small amount into a few altcoins in 2014 but then forgot about them. Fast forward to 2017/2018 and I was worth $200k at one point.

I sold most of my coins and am currently living off my savings. It's a nice amount of money but not enough to retire on. I've tried launching various online businesses in the past but most of them failed in some way or another.

I desperately want to go back to the year 2011 or 2010 or 2009 so that I could have put some money into Bitcoin back when it was worth cents or fractions of a cent. I am willing to learn everything I need to know in order to achieve my goal.

I have a PDF copy of "Physics for Dummies" on my computer. But most of it is boring mechanics stuff. Like F=ma and Ek = 1/2mv^2 and so on with only the last few chapters (e.g. relativity) being somewhat interesting.

I want to learn about time travel. About black holes and wormholes and the Universe. And ways that I can get myself inside a wormhole without huge material costs like constructing a Tipler cylinder.

How can I go about achieving this?

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I have a time machine. I lay in it for a while and before I know it, it's like seven hours in the future. I use it almost every day. In fact I think it's become addictive, I feel like shit any time I don't use it for too long. BRB, going to check if it's still working.

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>not sleeping for 9 hours

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>I have a PDF copy of "Physics for Dummies"

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Of all the things you could do with a time machine, you want to go back in time 9 years so you can invest in bitcoin....?

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buy maid lolz

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>How do I make a time machine?

you'd have to invent and create a universe where causality violations are possible.

but it would cease to exist the moment you created it, so why bother?

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What would you do with it?

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Print out about top 100 of the influential papers the last 100 years (like tesla stuff, Einstein, more recent things regarding internet, telecoms and so forth), learn the Toyota Way/lean production by heart and go back to about 1850 to create the most powerful family in modern history. Jumpstart the digital age and take all the credit and power created by it.

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Imagine being this delusional.

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