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I can't find a philosophy board, where do I go?

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/his/ - History and Humanities. Philosophy is a humanity.

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Science is natural philosophy and metaphysics, so /sci/ is a branch of /phi/.

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Imagine being this clueless and lazy.

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Officially, probably >>>/his/
In reality, if you want a shot at real answers and insight, >>>/lit/

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philosophy is a meme

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Lrn2meme fgt pls

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Really any of the high-IQ boards, but mainly /lit/.

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This is going to be a fun thread.

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I didn't know what humanities means, I thought it was an admittedly weird way to refer to humanity at different points in history

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Philosophy is just applied computer science

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You've come to the right place. Have anything philosophical to share?

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Both Analytic Philosophy and Computer science are applied logic. Logic isn't sourced in CS

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You have to be over the age of 18 to post here.

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>a (sic) all powerful
Yeah, 'a programmer with control over his own simulation' is such a crazy idea that never happens in real life.
Funny, why would anyone bring that up. It's like you're low-key bragging...
>who knows when
Yeah, data logging is such an illogical concept that never happens in any program ever.
>eternal life in the endtimes
Because saving data is totally absurd and nobody would ever want to do that for any reason.

Your IQ is like so high, I bet it's in the double digits!

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