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Starting about three weeks ago, I went from lasting a normal few minutes to ejaculation literally in seconds overnight. Just gently squeezing the tip of my penis without lubrication results in an orgasm in a very short time. I made no changes to my diet or life at all, not am I particularly stressed. In fact, this started shortly after a stressor ended, that being midterms.

This has thrown my sex life and well being into chaos. I don't trust my local small town doctor and don't have money for medication. I've spiraled into a depression and cry just about every night. My girlfriend is understanding but I know the depression disturbs her. I can't figure out why this has happened or how to go back to normal. Please help me.

For context, I'm 19 and though I could be more physically active, I am not in terrible shape. I spend a lot of time on my school work and it can stress me, but I'm typically a very happy and cheerful person, although I was growing irritable more often before this happened. I'm not taking any perscription medications nor have I for nearly a year.

I'm extremely miserable. Please help me, if you can.

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Have you tried meth? Sucks for you if you have to go this far.

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Beat your dick

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What do you mean?

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What, as a solution? Or as a cause?

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Anyone with any medical expertise please help

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Use a condom. Watch porn to desensitize yourself and jack off with death grip. Make yourself cum like a half hour before sex.

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I'll give that a try, thanks. But the half hour before sex thing doesn't work, I tried. I only get a few seconds more the second time.

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Take medication for premature ejaculation.

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Too poor to afford anything perscription.

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Best advice I can give you is to have a positive and confident attitude. If you come across like you think you're a loser cause of this then your gf will think you're a loser. If you make it seem like you just have a crazy sex drive and she's so hot you cum right away, she'll feel a lot better about it. Her attitude about it will mirror yours

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You can legit buy this shit online with no script.

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What's your refractory period?

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I think you may be missing the point. I want my penis to function normally. I'm worried about my body being messed up, and so is she. But thank you.

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I'm not entirely sure. In the past, I'd say 20-30 minutes? I don't know if that's changed since the PE began.

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Everything I've found has poor reviews, stating that it just makes them itch.

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Thank you?

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Are there any good serotonin based ones that don't require a prescription?

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>a normal few minutes

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Better than this

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Use pain killer cream for insect bite on your tip. It results in desensitizing so you would need more time then.

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Did woman you fuck or porn you watch changed?

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That'll save you some tine, at least.

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SSRI's like fluoxetine will make you last longer, though your sex drive will lessen and orgasms won't be nearly as good.

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There's an exercise where you can hold your piss in when you're going to the bathroom. Thinking of gross and terrible things like dead kittens or puppies can turn off your erection so you can keep jacking it. Generally any sort of pain will prevent you from reaching ejaculation, so you can try that too. In general just practice not ejaculating and like the other anon said, you can jack off a lot before sex which not only gets rid of the navy but gives you an almost numb/rock hard erection

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>think about bad things while jerking it
>accidentally cum
>psychological problems for months

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I think sexual abstinence is better idea than jerking of to dead kittens.

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I've had similar problem. Stopped watching porn and fapped only two or three times a week and it took me hours to ejaculate from seconds.

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I used to fap so much in my preteen/teenager years that i can make myself cum in under 20 seconds, provided im horny of course. However i can only make myself cum, i've only met one girl who made me cum without me wanting to.

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Dump the whore and fap to 2d, lel.

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That's a great idea, I'll give it a try. I actually tried to whack it standing up and I lasted two minutes, which is better than seconds. I don't know why that changed anything.

Actually, I used to be abstaining from porn cause girlfriend doesn't like it but got back into it a few weeks before this started.

I'll put it on the list.

Strange, but I'll also add it to the list.

I've waited several days in between sexual events and it seemed to make no difference, but the porn might play a part, I'll get rid of it again.

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cringe af ya dingus

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stop drinking the water bro

jerk off

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Sorry to tell you, lad, prepping the bull is the only chance for you to keep your gf. On the good side of things nigger semes actually tastes pretty spicey. You sure will like it.

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