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Plz help me anons. Im really bad at math, but have to take a statistical course. Its been a week since class and im doing my take home quiz. please help me with this question
"A pizza shop offers nine toppings. No topping is used more than once. What is the probability that the toppings on a three-topping pizza are pepperoni, onions and mushrooms." I got 19% because 1 divided by 504 (9x8x7) then multiplied my answer by 100. Is that correct? Im doing combinations in permutations.

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Get chegg its a service everyone in stem degrees use to get the answers to hw and cheat.

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Ima start working again soon, but right now I cant afford that. When I do start working ima check that out thanks bro.

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no problem, it usually works since your classmates will post the same questions. also you could see if someone you know in the class has it and bum their password off them.

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this is extremely basic statistics. If he can't pass this he's guaranteed to fail his exams

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