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What practical application does this even have? It seems like a big waste of time and resources.
x^3 + y^3 + z^3 = 33 = who gives a fuck?

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>It seems like a big waste of time and resources.
What I mean is, it seems like a big waste of time and resources to figure out that the sum of 3 cubed numbers equals some other number.

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if you dont give a fuck dont post about it nigger

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why are you complaining what the fuck are you talking about

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Well you could find a set of nontrivial solutions in integers of 3 different volumes of cubes that when combined add up to 33. The solution is pretty unrealistic given how large the numbers are but you could always be a stripper if you don't like the result

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Stop having sex for pleasure. It's a big time of waste a resources.

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Why do you care so much about what other people are doing with their time?

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youve been contracted for a job
>the job requires you to hold exactly 33 liters of milk in a container
>the contractor lives in subsahara and requires you to use his resources
>2 cubic sponges of incredible size which will retain exactly 1 cubic mL of milk per cubic mL of sponge
>2 large empty malleable containers
>infinite supply of milk from india overbreeding their cows
>you may only use 3 pieces of the containers and or sponges, and if you decide to cut a perfect cube out of the sponge or leave left over container the contractor will need it for another job and the cut piece will count as one piece
>youre a very witty guy who took his maths classes so you begin the job

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If I were the president I would have a $10 trillion fund to give out $1 million for each new lowest integer solution found for these stupid fucking cubed sums. Less of a waste than allocating resources towards the stupid fucking general population of the USA.

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