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So /sci/ what are you doing in the science community to give back?

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donating sperm

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That’s a great start

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In the modern era you need a PhD to contribute to science. Unfortunately I have neither the time nor the desire to obtain this degree.

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I'm actually making useful stuff.

t. engineer

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Putting extremely high doses of fentanyl in the physics area coffee pot.

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>believeing carl sagan is a real scientist
>CS is real science

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I have a vision, but there is no way in hell the people incharge of high-tech resources and funds will listen to me.

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what's your vision?

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What a waste of intelligence....

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damn right
i helped a lesbian couple conceive last week

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It's nothing I in any way invented. Nor unique from any of you guys, just, you know,... a plan to incentivise people to stretch civilization out from Earth.

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inb4 child support owed by verdict of court

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