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Why does the Universe have a speed limit?
Is it a restriction of the simulation?

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Space has something like density and compressibility that defines the speed of light.

[math] \displaystyle
c = \frac{1}{ \sqrt{ \varepsilon_0 \mu_0}}

A quaternionic unification of electromagnetism and hydrodynamics
page 7

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>Why does [law of physics work the way it does]? Does it imply [nonsense bullshit untestable pseudo-metaphysical pop sci result]?

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>Law of physics
>Not just how it happens to be
There is no law stating that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, it's just so happens that that's the fastest anything without mass can go, therefore the top speed. Sorry if you can't understand the difference.

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It's the speed at which the universe creates itself

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You're going at 0.5c,
there is a region of space you originated.

You measure the velocity of light in region you originated that is static, it's going faster than light in your region, can you explain why that light is moving faster than c?

Where is local time reference point fucking stated in theory of relativity? Can somebody point out or you just pop tier brainlets?

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>pic related

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mai nigga, first response, best response.

Nigga anon delivers.

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If space has something like density you're talking about luminescent eather, how pathetic.

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It's locality. Without it this planet would be colonized by some retarded intergalactic faggots and you wouldn't exist to ask this question.

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>tl;dr: aether
Am I being meme'd on?
I'm just brainlet with layman-tier understandings of astrophysics and subatomic particles

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max processing speed of the simulation is running on ayylmao-amd because ayylmao-intel was too expensive so now we're stuck on this fucking planet with no interstellar empire

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>luminescent eather

choose one

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So how is this different in functionality to a torpedo moving through water?

If space has density then would that not make it a very light fluid? In any case density implies mass. Mass implies matter. Matter implies empty space is made of "something".

If true, and if understood and exploited, would that not make concepts similar to supersonic cavitation possible? By something absurd like firing quarks out the nose as the thrusters fire antimatter pebbles out the ass...

I don't know. Do you WANT to break reality? Because if true, then it is likely that the limitations placed on the speed of light could be broken. If those limitations could be understood.

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density of what?

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based "Space has something like density and compressibility that defines the speed of light" poster...

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who knows.
doesn't mean that you can ignore the fact
that [math] \varepsilon_0[/math] and [math] \mu_0[/math] have specific values

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>who knows.

Well it's not "space". Space has no properties. How is a change in density a "speed"?

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look, gravity has a similar formula as EM.
no one rational is saying than this means that they are the same thing, it's just that their symmetries have some similarities.

same thing probably at work in >>10468314

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read the last line again
those constants apply to the vacuum

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>the vacuum


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are there other cases of literal infinites?

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Ok, I'll believe this.

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Vacuum is space devoid of matter.

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That is what is taught but at one point in time people were taught that the sun revolved around the earth.

I find it plausible that a vacuum COULD be made up of some charge or tiny fragments of particles or something similar.

However there is currently no evidence for any such thing. Aside from a claim that vacuum possesses a force which can reduce the maximum speed of light, and that our observed speed of light may not be its maximum possible speed at all.

Which could throw theories of time travel into chaos. It could be implied then that FTL travel is possible without breaking time.

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So what is being "compressed"? How does something "devoid" have density? Shit doesn't make sense.

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Limiting your simulations is good software engineering principles

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>I find it plausible
well duh

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Yeah and? What is this an answer to? I am asking what the shit is made of? It's a medium is it not? If something has the ability to be "compressed" and "dense" then its something is it not? It's not "nothing", that makes even less sense.

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>Why does the Universe have a speed limit?
I think the answer has something to do with the way time works. If you imagine time as being a direction you are moving in and by accelerating in a spacial direction your velocity in the time direction decreases. The speed limit would be the point where you have stopped moving forward in time and are instantaneously moving from point to point in space.

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>an answer to
Stop talking religion.
Permittivity and permeability of the vacuum are measurable in any good lab.
The math works a lot like hydrodynamics.
You screaming autistically that space isn't water is just emotional hand-waving, nobody is claiming it. But something similar is going on mathematically, and whatever that is, it isn't the naive "absolutely nothing" that jesusfreaks talk about.

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damn... he swoops in quick for these threads

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Yes, but if you bend space far enough and make light suck its own dick, the fuckery that ensues is more game breaking than dividing by zero. In fact, it may be this very thing in our 'simulation' that IS the equivilant of dividing by zero.

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Brainlet post

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Call me when we've achieved true vacuum and thrown a photon through it.
If we have trouble creating perfect vacuum for giant balls of energy (atoms), why on earth would we have achieved vacuum of the tiniest particles (dark matter). It'd be like trying to catch sand with a fishing net.

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There is no difference you pseud, saying "sorry you can't understand the difference" means nothing but a pathetic attempt to assert fake superiority.

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>Why does the Universe have a speed limit?
It's the only way to make Maxwell's equations work right in all inertial frames of reference.

>Is it a restriction of the simulation?
If the universe is a simulation, the "computer" it's running on is WAY different than anything we've ever conceived in the way of computer hardware, so there wouldn't be one human being on Earth qualified to answer this question.

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Big brain post

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Berserkfag btfo’d again


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>Stop talking religion
Stop giving me the runabout. You're the only one here pretending to know something. I am asking a question.

>Permittivity and permeability of the vacuum are measurable in any good lab.
So it's a medium then?

>The math works a lot like hydrodynamics.
So the math describes it as a medium?

>You screaming autistically that space isn't water is just emotional hand-waving, nobody is claiming it. But something similar is going on mathematically, and whatever that is, it isn't the naive "absolutely nothing" that jesusfreaks talk about.

THEN WHAT IS IT? I never said it was water, I'm asking whether it's a medium or not.


>Hey he's an article with a bunch of shit berserkfag already said in different descriptions!
>"It refers precisely to a disturbance in a field that is not a particle"
The only thing that's been "blown out" of me is my sides, they're in the next galaxy as we speak.

>"For those who learned (and recall a bit of) freshman physics, what is happening is that the (oscillating electric field) that makes up the (photon) is polarizing the electron field — inducing a dipole moment. Remember (dielectrics and how electric fields(dielectric field) can polarize them)? Well, (the vacuum of empty space itself, because it has an electron field in it, is a polarizable medium — a dielectric of sorts)".
Gravity is incoherent dielectric acceleration. Fields are not particles, actions aren't particles, and space is "filled space". A medium. Now fuck off.

>Only in a world with no forces — with no interactions among particles at all — are particles merely ripples in a single field!
Holy shit imagine that. What if we has this ONE UNIVERSE that followed the law of thermodynamics and never created nor destroyed anything it had and instead followed the order of itself forever. Ordering itself and the principle of it like ONE FIELD.

How does a measurement "work"?

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>I don't know anything about QFT.

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>Why does the Universe have a speed limit?
It doesn't. Matter waves can't form standing wave patterns at certain speeds; that's all.

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This is largely irrelevant. A particle of light would be affected by any matter it interacted with regardless of whether than matter was also in a vacuum or not.

Totally different to investigating vacuum itself.

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>Why does the Universe have a speed limit?

It doesn't. There's just not enough energy in the universe to get anything with mass up to the speed of light or beyond.

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If you go over the limit you get fined and sent to the Mass mines

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Except that has literally never been observed. Theres no need to state a reference frame for measuring light in sr because it is literally an assumption (made for good reason) that light is the same in all reference frames.

What point are you trying to make with your nonsensical jargon?

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>I'm asking whether it's a medium or not
It's a medium because it is neither rare nor well done.

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>it's just so happens that that's the fastest anything without mass can go
why do?

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>It's a medium because it is neither rare nor well done

Proof that the average American grill boomer is smarter than a physicist.

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>it's just so happens that that's the fastest anything without mass can go
That's what we refer to as a law.

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You are incorrect sorry. For example, it is straightforward to write down a theory for the electromagnetic field coupled to spacetime curvature (and without mass term) in a way such that photons would propagate faster than regular photons.

It is fairer to say that as far as we can tell, gravitational waves and light propagate at the same speed, following null geodesics in the appropriate limits.

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It doesn't. Speed is just an improper quantity. Us rapidity instead, which is appropriate for hyperbolic spacetimes. It is unbounded.

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It's about whether things propagate inside the light cone or not. The light cone structure is ultimately determined by the spacetime metric.

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Read the definition, retard

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>Why does the Universe have a speed limit?
>Is it a restriction of the simulation?

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Because that's how God wants it and you can't question God because hes everywhere and he is love.

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I mean theoretically you could go over the speed limit, but then your breaking the law..
of physics.

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>Why does the Universe have a speed limit?
For good reason!

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What would be the implications of a universe without a speed limit?

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Whatever sets the limits doesn't abide by them, therefore there are no limits.

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It actually doesn't. You can accelerate forever, without ever actually hitting the limit.

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The speed of light is a property of the universe. Light cannot move faster in our universe without creating causality paradoxes. Because of the limited speed of light, all observers can and must agree on the order of events.

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No, it’s because the ayyylmao Jews kept all the intels to shield their ethnostate from mud blood spaceniggers like us

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The SI meter is defined by the speed of light.

Something to ponder


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That's exactly what I said.

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this is true. things that happen at the speed of light happen simultaneously

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they were right all along

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