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there are many interesting things. share your favorite science gadgets/models

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More printers.

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A gf?

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I got one of the printrbot kits back when home 3d printing was just emerging. printed a couple of things and haven't touched it in years.

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Why, when it only costs 298 yen at your local supermarket?

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a gf. Stuff that your printer can't print.

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Parts, mostly just parts...

Like for ARM clusters if you want to build some computer with more than 100 cores yourself, you probably need to print a case.

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This project has failed. Ten years later and they are no where close to printing an entire printer.

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How do you want to print an step engine? Like do you really think that you'll print a coil and it'll be more efficient than wiring it from a wire?

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Wait for the next generation.

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It didn't fail. They made 3d printers main stream and much cheaper. 3d printers used to be completely inaccessible, but reprap showed that 3d printers could be made cheaply. There are actually some efforts that are getting close to that goal though.
You don't necessarily need to use coils of wire to make a stepper motor, there are other means of making coils of wire besides printing...

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this but unironically

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Resins is expensive and smells worse than weebs lair.

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>3d printers will never be able to print a 100% complete and functional product hot off the printing bed

>pure carbon can be organized in such a way as become an insulator, conductor, transistor, transformer, capacitor


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Scientists can grow carbon nanotubes about effectively as a a 13 year old boy can grow a mustache. It's gonna be awhile.

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>effectively as a a 13 year old boy can grow a mustache
We need more Mexican scientists working on it.

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a dirt 'stache counts

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morty, if i can get this thing to print out molecular structures from atoms im going to make soooo much drugs and booze.

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I thought the same. Fuck.

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Depends on the resin. The cheap stuff was at-parity with average filament costs years ago.

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Print my Netflix password

A 3D printed password is better than writing down the password on paper. I wrote several passwords down on paper and the ink faded, and the paper tore into two pieces, some passwords are lost because of this.

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