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Do you believe the Orion program will work?

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Aren't they trying to kill it? I don't think it will

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Orion (the capsule) will work. Who cares whether SLS (the launcher) will work, it is just a jobs program. Nobody in power seriously cares whether it actually launches.

The distributed launch proposal on commercial launchers is far more pragmatic. Launch Orion and the support module separately on smaller, existing, well-tested launchers and dock them in orbit.

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Hey guys!!! Guys!!! Listen, let's.... guys, listen... lets use solid fuel boosters on a manned launch vehicle!!!!! Guys!!!!!!!!

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SRBs are cheap, liquid fuel is not

also: see the USAF's various experiments on it going back to the X-15 and ZLL programs, easy to see why they would use solid fuel because it's so much easier to manage

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Which liquid fuel?

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Liquid fuel is very cheap. Certainly more so than SRB. It is just a more refined gasoline / natural gas, for fucks sake. Not more than a few % of launch cost is the cost of propellants.

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Not sure if retarded or pretending.

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I never understood this meme, what makes SRBs unsuited to manned launches?

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Performance, vibrations, noise, cost?

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SRB's are just oversized fireworks - they are uncontrollable once started and cannot be shutdown when something bad happens, unlike liquid engines. There's a reason why Russians use liquid fuel boosters - and they had no spaceflight fatalities in almost 50 years.

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They explode in a cloud of napalm, making it hard to survive even if you can abort the launch.

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