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Is mathematics invented or discovered? Why?

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We make up the rules and we follow them
The only reason people say “its so similar to reality, so it must be discovered” is because they dont realize we picked the rules with the purpose of imitating reality

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Everything is discovered.

The entire configuration of a computer already existed potentially and then we discovered it.

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I like this notion.
New topic:
Post something that isn't discovered.

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Axioms are invented
Theorems are discovered

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super idiot

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thats stupid, we already defined what discovered means you're just fucking with it

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invented, like first post said, we made up the rules. mathematics was our creation to be used to understand things

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OP here.
It seems like math is discovered. Why would it be invented?

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then OP, you are wrong. it is either invented or both

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why would it be discovered?
the set of integers didnt exist before be defined them

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>the current state of computer scissies

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Is anything invented or discovered?
Consider the set containing every finite sequence of words.
Any describable "invention" could be "discovered" in that set of sequences of words.

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Is reality determined?

Answer that question and you solve ever post in the thread OP.

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