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Consider the following function:


Demonstrate that:


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baka this is highschool tier
you're never going to make it senpai

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How to solve this problem please?

Anyone strong in maths?

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wtf i didn't ever encounter this shit in high school and i did specialist math

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It's wrong. Ask the local /sci/ schizo.

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>consider this
Dont tell me what to do you fat nigger granny cunt

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Can you demonstrate that's wrong?

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Maths begins after high school

The shitness you learned before cannot be called "maths"

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How to read the problem:

When z belongs to the complex numbers, which means z is something like a+i.b EXCLUDING one, f(z) = all that jazz [a fraction multiplied by an infinite sum where the value of n goes from 1 to infinity)

Prove that when the real part (Re(z) is greater than 0, f(z) = 0 and therefore the real part (Re(z) = 1/2)

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Yes I assume that, now how I can prove it?

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you need to use the Todd function

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Not op, but thanks anon. It really helped me.

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>Riemann zeta function
Extremely low effort and disrespectful.

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I produced this second, better negation of RH

Real Numbers in the Neighborhood of Infinity

as a corollary of an intensive 8-12 study program once I got access to regular internet facilities in a private place over the summer (after one year of homelessness and now I have spent the majority of 2019 locked in a small box, probably getting secret anal surgery on my implants.) I am about to stop being homeless, hopefully. I finally calculated the exact number where zeta is equal to zero, but it was very easy because two years ago I already proved that zeta is zero somewhere in the neighborhood of infinity.

I disproved RH originally in this other paper

On The Riemann Zeta Function

two years ago. Nota bene!!! Since Perelman only published on arXiv, before Perelman could turn down the $1M, Clay had to issue him a waiver in the rules for getting the money because his paper was never peer reviewed. That is the EXACT same waiver I need for my publication on viXra dated two years ago


this month. I am black-listed by arXiv, am I also blacklisted by Clay?

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"Golf rumors"
amplification means, I think, free energy.

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