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Is it possible to transfer from a community college to an Ivy League university?

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Yeah, but they mostly only accept 1-5 transfer students each year, so it would be more difficult than getting accepted as a freshman.

Cornell is the only exception - they accept 700-800 transfers each year. So I guess Cornell is your best option.

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What are my odds if I'm transferring from a state school with a 4.0 in CS?

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You can still try Cornell. I'm not assuring you that you will get in, but there's some hope, so why not?

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Why do you want to go to an Ivy? Go to a state school like UC Berkeley or UCLA and then go to MIT/Stanford for graduate school. Ivys underperform in science and engineering

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why go to an ivy league? if you that smart just go over seas and getan education fo free

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Princeton, Harvard and Cornell have good STEM programs, man. Of course you can't compare them to Stanford and MIT, much less schools like the École Polytechnique and ETH, but they're still great shit

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>some pseud wants to go an ivy-league institution for undergrad
Cringe and neuroticpilled.
Better to keep a high GPA for top-tier graduate program admissions. Oh wait. You didn't think of that because you'll probably burn out after college anyways.

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Yeah it is, some of friends got into WashU, CMU, Duke, stanford and one guy got into Harvard.

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Of course they're good. But for the difficulty of getting in, especially from CC, it's better to go elsewhere

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>go to UC berkeley

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>he wouldn't have a high GPA at any Ivy college

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Possible but don't count on entering any Ivy as a transfer student. They accept very few.
It's not as easy to do that as you think.

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Donating a library works.

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got a problem, incel?

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>Some pseud who doesn't realize many ivies suffer from grade inflation
The hard part is getting in.

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A few of the ____-Techs are ahead of Ivys for undergrad STEM, which makes me wonder wtf those nerds at harvard and such are even doing

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Preparing for quant jobs on Wall Street

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not once have I seen one of those waspy niggers beat the snp due to anything other than luck

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What does /sci/ think of Rutgers?

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Aim for Carnegie Mellon

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yeah bro i got into harvard, I just ran for student body president (I was the only candidate), got my algebra 1 teacher to write me a recommendation, and got my mom to pay the application fee.

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For my acceptance paper i wrote about how underprivileged I was as a white male growing up middle-class.

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