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Do any of you students actually go to uni lectures?
I'm still in my first year and haven't been in weeks. I don't know why I'm expected to go to them or risk losing my place when I can learn more by self studying.
Seriously why is attendance mandatory, I'm still paying either way.

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See you in a couple months as one of the "my exam is tomorrow and I am screwed" posters

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Nope,so far the content has been entirely high school tier stuff (Comp Sci)

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>Seriously why is attendance mandatory, I'm still paying either way.
American universities, I swear to G-d
I think you are correct. This semester I haven't been to more than a couple of lectures. Why the fuck would I commute 2 hours back and forth for something I can learn at home?

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In our uni they don't check for lecture attendance, only in tutorials, which are far more useful than a lecture, especially if you are ahead and/or self-study. After first year I've been told that it becomes increasingly difficult to replace lectures with course notes/textbooks as lecturers will often teach in a manner catered towards the final test and focus more heavily on topics that are important to the test, whereas if you study out of a textbook you don't gain this advantage.

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I just watch them online because I'm external

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if attendance is mandatory and you're not going you deserve your D

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>American universities, I swear to G-d
I'm not even American, I'm in the UK. I guess this shit happens in most universities.

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why pay for school if you can learn it all at home? you're the best, man

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