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Serious question: how can you look at this and not be a mathematical Platonist? You have to have Down's Syndrome to think math is socially constructed and universals don't exist.

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how can you look at it and be a mathematical Platonist?

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Who gives a fuck

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>Who gives a fuck if God exists

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>atheists are dumb

What else is new?

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Define "God" and tell me what difference would it make to care about the existence of "God". Why should you even bother?

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Are you 12?

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>tell me what difference would it make to care about the existence of "God

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Can't answer. Nice deflect, goys

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>the secular "jew"

Why am I not surprised

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How could you look at this and tell me Mohammed was not gay? Come on guys, get smat. Wow

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that's kind of sexy
i am turned on by the prophet muhammad

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Checked. And yet you live under our social rule. Go watch your blacked videos we made for you

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The multiverse is a fractal flow. Obviously, that's not socially constructed.

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universals exist (sorry Godel) in the BEYOND (thank you Einstein)
as in the beyond in Bed Bath & BEYOND

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But pig cocks are corkscrew shaped...

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>Be a secular Jew
>Talk to pretentious theist goys
>They call you a brainlet for growing out of theism at age 4
>Yet you and your people own the world banks and are the puppeteers of Western society
>They go home and buy your products and go into debt owing you for everything

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I'm not sure what your post is even supposed to convey. The obvious?

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>hurr durr youre to yonge and dumbe to undersand teh gode

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Tell me what's a platonist and I'll tell you if I am one.

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>this entire thread
>MaTh WaS dIsCoVeReD nOt ImVeNtEd
>DaH MuHeEnS gOd Is ReAl!!!!!!!1!!!
>nO uR dA jEw!!!!!!!!!
This is exactly why the entirety of 4chan is trash now.

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The thing pictured there isn't reality, it's just your perception of it. It's not actually like that at all anon. Math describes what we see rather than what is, since it's derived from our senses.
It cannot remove the veil because it is the veil.

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He means Plato's description of reality, his forms.

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While that's where the word is derived from, today it would refer to anyone who believes mathematical concepts are actually real rather than constructed for convenience.

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t. can't into recursion

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numbers have no physical meaning at all either, unless they are applied to our reality.

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The Unavurse... is complacatud.

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the mutliverse is a ractal flow
just ask lenny

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They're real because we constructed them.

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You have to be over the age of 18 to post here. Please leave.

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We're not the same person, just 2 people who happened to notice the rest of you are actually retarded.

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>wow pretty patterns
what a convincing argument

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Theists don't have to answer what god is or how he exists or is able to do anything he's able to do but any gap in scientific knowledge and it must be God

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>posts something which literally cannot exist
>how can you not believe mathematical constructs are real


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Am I missing something here? Are you saying mandelbrot functions don't exist?

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notation is a human construction (you could agree with your twin that the symbol for 2 now means 1, it doesn't change anything)
but it represents something real and a priori

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Mathematical platonism is wrong, that's how.

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What is this thread about again?

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>itt prisoners chained to the wall gleefully claim that the shadows are real

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>any gap in scientific knowledge
Holy shit you are stupid. The arguments in this thread have nothing to do with science. Go back to r/atheism and stay there.

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I agree, fedoras don't.

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>Phone poster
Checks out.

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